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NFTs for a Creative Community

June 22, 2023
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NFT NYC is a headline event for anyone looking to make use of Web3, the blockchain, and NFTs. Whether it’s for marketing, for starting a business, or simply understanding how Web3 is going to impact business in the future, NFT NYC is a go-to resource for everyone in the NFT community and beyond. 

This year, Designity’s CEO, Shahrouz Varshabi, was asked to give a keynote address on the topic NFTs for Creative Freelancers. Our expertise in creating a community of Creatives lends special insights to anyone looking to grow an effective team that‘s forward-thinking and future-proof.

Before we get to the videos of the key points of Shahrouz’s presentation, you’ll want to know exactly what an NFT is.

If you don’t, we have a blog you might want to check out. Click here to see What Is An NFT: Digital Assets Explained, in a new window. 

Ok. Ready?

The Benefits of NFTs for the Creative Community

NFTs bring huge value to artists because of how the blockchain puts ownership back into the creator’s hands. Artists who mint their artwork as NFTs are entitled to ALL of the proceeds of a sale instead of having to fork over a percentage to a gallery. 

And it’s not just artists that can benefit. It’s also filmmakers, musicians, and more who can benefit from NFTs.

NFTs for Tech Haters

If you’re not a technophile, then things like Web3, NFTs, and AI could give you a headache. If that’s you, well then, first of all, thank you for lasting this far into our blog post.

Second of all, being a more traditional Creative (or enjoying more traditional art) who loves physical mediums like drawing, sculpting, and creating art with your hands, doesn’t mean that you’re excluded from the NFT revolution. 

NFT Artist: Who’s Rocking This New Title?

Businesses that need to create a strong online presence are turning more and more to NFT experts and NFT artists. The idea is to launch a new campaign, but often the project dies because a Creative with NFT expertise is so difficult to find.

But guess what? 

It’s just a title. 

Anyone who creates an NFT is an NFT artist. Graphic designers, illustrators, painters, they’re all potential NFT artists, putting that expert you’re looking for within your reach.

Recap: What’s the Latest in NFT News?

 If you’d like to take a peek at the full video and see the entire presentation Shahrouz shared with the NFT NYC crowd, then here it is, in all its glory.

Don’t Miss Out Next Year!

If you’re bummed about missing out on NFT NYC 2023, don’t be, because the next conference is already in the works!

If you’re interested in being a part of NFT NYC 2024, then clear your calendar for April 3–5, 2024, because that’s when the action happens!

Click here to register early and save on your ticket price!

We can’t wait to see what kind of possibilities next year will bring for the NFT community and those who can benefit from them, but one thing’s for sure … it’s gonna be a wild ride!

See you then!

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