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Using Meta Threads for Marketing

November 30, 2023
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If you’ve been around the internet during the past 6 months, you may have heard about this new app called Threads.

A little digging will tell you that Threads belongs to Meta (the Facebook platform) and that it’s been quite the hot commodity since its inception.

And with so many people taking notice and making Threads their new place to scroll on their off time, you, as a marketer, have probably wondered if this new social networking platform can also be a place for you to extend your marketing efforts.

So … is it worth it?

Today’s blog has the rundown!

Today we’re giving you everything you need to know about Meta’s Threads app and if you can use it to benefit your marketing efforts and amplify your reach!

What is Meta Threads?

Since its release in July of 2023, Meta Threads has become the fastest-growing social media platform in history.

Self-described as “a place where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow,” Threads is the brainchild of Meta Platforms and, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, aims to be “Instagram’s text-based conversation app.”

So, what does that mean? Well, if you’ve hung around Twitter (or X as Elon Musk calls it now), you’ll notice some similarities. 

Like X, it allows public conversations and allows users to post updates, share text, images, and videos, and interact with other users’ posts with likes, reposts, and replies.

They aren't quite the same, however.

What’s the Difference Between Threads and X (Twitter)?

The Meta Threads and X logos side by side for comparison.

Zuck himself has compared his Threads app to X’s platform and though they are similar, here are some key differences:

  1. Character Limits — The biggest difference between Threads and X is character limits. While tweets allow only 280 characters, Threads allow up to 500, allowing users to share more detailed thoughts and messages.
  2. Structure — While a tweet is posted and can be shared, liked, and commented on, once a tweet is posted, it’s done. A Thread, on the other hand, can be a series of connected tweets, allowing other users to keep the conversation going beyond the original message.
  3. Engagement — Once posted, a tweet can be retweeted, liked, and replied to. Threads can be reposted or replied to as well, while also allowing the user to like an entire thread rather than an individual post.
  4. Interface — X’s timeline primarily consists of individual posts with an option to expand and see replies. Threads displays a numbered list of posts to make it easier for a user to follow a certain narrative.
  5. Community — Mark Zuckerberg has stressed that Threads will focus on kindness and creating a positive user experience by keeping things friendly. Users are able to control who can mention or reply to your Threads, to enable positivity and productive conversations. X? Well ... you've seen the arguments, we're sure.

Unraveling Threads: Some Fun Facts

If this is the first time you’ve heard of the Threads app, here are some more fun facts to get you a little more familiar with the platform and the possibilities it may hold for your business.

  • As of this writing, there are over 8 million people using the Threads app daily. 
  • Threads has a user base of more than 120 million people, though growth has slowed since its first month.
  • Like X, there are some limitations on Threads posts: Posts are restricted to a maximum of 500 characters and videos can be no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Threads is very closely integrated with Instagram, so if you’re interested in signing up, you’ll need an Instagram account first.
  • Notable brands who have joined Threads include Nike, Ulta Beauty, Wendy’s, Netflix, Spotify, Calvin Klein, and Target.
  • Threads does not yet have the option for marketers to buy ad space, but advertising is expected to become an option eventually.
  • The Threads app is available in over 100 countries, yet due to data privacy compliance issues, is not available in the EU as of this writing.
  • Threads stores data on how its users interact with posts and the people that they’re following, which is promising for marketers (and the reason why it isn’t available in the EU yet).

Possible Uses for Threads Marketing

Two lightbulbs, for possible ideas to use Threads for marketing.

So, can Threads be of use to you and your business?

We think so.

Though there are no ad capabilities on Threads just yet, Meta’s Threads still has over 100 million users and offers some great uses for your social media marketing efforts. 

Here are some ways you can get in on the action early and use the app to ...

1. Deliver Valuable Content

Consider Threads as yet another way to get your creative content in front of your target audience’s eyes and educate, inform, or entertain them!

Threads offers you the flexibility of posting a 500-character piece of text, links, videos, or any combination of those 3 elements you’d like to use.

Here are some ideas:

  • Captivating Videos — Threads allows you to share engaging videos to grab your audience's attention. Whether it's a product demonstration, behind-the-scenes footage, or a quick tutorial, videos easily add a dynamic and visually appealing dimension to your posts.
  • Interactive Links — Seamlessly link to your content sources, like blog posts, whitepapers, or case studies. 
  • More Detailed Captions — Make the most of that 500-character limit to create detailed captions that provide context, insights, or a teaser for your linked content. 

2. Drive Organic Traffic

Unlike Instagram, Threads will allow users to post links, which is great for marketers like you!

Including clickable links in your posts lets you guide your users to other avenues and can help drive traffic to your website, landing pages, or other valuable resources.

This link-sharing capability lets you extend the conversation beyond the Threads platform and enhance your reach to let you showcase products, share in-depth content, and, ultimately, convert your followers into website visitors and happy customers!

3. Increase Engagement

With a new social media platform comes a new way to engage with your target audience!

Use Threads features to increase engagement with:

  • Interactive Content — Create fun, engaging, and interactive content within Thread’s 500-character limit. Ask questions, share polls, or create content that encourages users to respond, promoting dialogue and interaction.
  • Visual Appeal — Use eye-catching images and videos in your posts. Visual content tends to capture attention, making your posts stand out in the feed.
  • Link Sharing — Take advantage of the ability to share links in your posts. Direct users to relevant blog posts, landing pages, or other resources that align with your brand's messaging and offerings.
  • Consistent Posting — Stick to a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience regularly engaged. Frequent and timely updates help your brand stay top-of-mind for users.
  • Storytelling — Use Threads to tell compelling stories about your brand, products, or industry. Everyone likes a good story! Narratives resonate with users, help you create a connection, and encourage them to follow your updates.
  • Cross-Promotion — Take advantage of the close integration with Instagram by cross-promoting your Threads content on your Instagram profile. This increases visibility and encourages your existing followers to explore your content on the new platform.
  • Exclusive Content — Introduce exclusive content on Threads to incentivize users to follow your account. This could include sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes footage, or special promotions available only on Threads.
  • Engage with Followers — Actively respond to comments, likes, and reposts. Engagement is a two-way street, and by promoting a responsive and interactive community, you encourage users to stay connected with your brand.
  • Collaborations — Explore collaboration opportunities with other Threads users. Partnering for joint Threads or Instagram campaigns can broaden your reach and introduce your brand to new audiences.
  • Promotional Offers — Introduce limited-time promotions or discounts exclusive to Threads followers. This incentivizes users to not only follow your account but also stay engaged to catch these special offers.

4. Maintain Existing Relationships

Threads also offers your brand a chance to nurture existing relationships.

Since it’s so closely intertwined with Instagram, creating a Threads account gives you an option to roll over your followers and engage them in a new setting.

The continuity keeps your brand connected with those who are already familiar with your content and also encourages them to share, repost, and comment on your Threads posts, exposing your brand for new users to see and engage with.

5. Provide More Detailed Information

Though Threads limits its users' posts to a 500-character limit, that’s still almost twice as much as X lets its users type!

The extra character will let you provide much more detailed posts to your followers and provide them with more information about products, services, your team, or anything else your brand would like to post about.

6. Stand Out from the Crowd

Threads is the next new thing and that means that not everyone has caught on yet!

So, don’t follow trends, set them yourself. 

Stand apart from your competitors and be one of the first to make your mark on Threads. Being among the first wave of users allows your brand to capture the attention of your target audience, who is on a brand-new platform and eager for fresh and engaging content.

How to Sign up for Threads

Ready to give Threads a shot? Luckily, signing up is pretty easy to do.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. If you don’t have an Instagram account, sign up for one.
  2. Download the Threads app from Google Play or the App Store or use the web version at Whatever version you choose, you’ll need to log in using your Instagram credentials.
  3. Create your Threads profile. The app will ask if you’d like to follow the same accounts you follow on Instagram, so answer its questions.
  4. Start using the app to engage with posts or share your own!

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Continue to Watch for Threads

Meta Threads is the new kid on the playground for now, and it remains to be seen if it will fade away or perhaps even overcome X in popularity one day.

However, in the world of social media marketing, staying ahead of trends is key. For now, we don’t see anything wrong with launching Threads for your brand as a part of your social media marketing strategies.

After all, fortune favors the bold and the most successful marketers are the ones who kept their eyes on the trends and took chances. Social media in general used to be an uncharted and uncertain venture for marketers and, for those brands that jumped aboard early, it proved to be an extremely profitable move, didn’t it?

So, is Meta Threads the next huge thing? Only time will tell.

Until then, if your brand is looking to get a jump on a new social media platform, now is the perfect time.

And if you’re looking to make your mark on Threads, only you lack the skill set and time to create the compelling content that will help you stand out, then why not partner with Designity?

Designity is made up of the top 3% of US-based creative talent, including graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, animators, and more, all ready to create the top-notch content you need for your brand to grab attention and convert your followers into customers.

Check out our portfolio and see how we were able to help brands just like yours and when you’re ready, book your demo call to start your two-week, no-obligation trial.

We can’t wait to make your brand shine.

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