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What Well-Written Blog Posts Can Do for Your Brand

January 7, 2022
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Because your time is already spent on creating blog posts, their assets shouldn’t be forgotten once they’re published. With a full body of text and complimentary images, leveraging your blog post is an easy, cost-effective way to boost your online presence. They’re not only a great way to connect with your audience by educating or entertaining them, but they also serve as a solid foundation for more content.

Diversifying the topics of your posts can help you create more projects, faster. This can be done by translating your blog into videos, ads, or simply just using its visual and written assets for the purpose of sharing them. No matter how you do it, repurposing your blog page is a strategy worth trying out. Here are the top fool-proof ways to turn your blog into the ultimate digital marketing tool.

Summarize your posts into videos.

Videos aren’t usually the first idea stemming from a blog, however, it would be silly to not repurpose your blog post’s storyline into a video. As a plus, giving your audience the choice to consume the same content in written or visual form takes blogging to the next level. After all, consumers would much rather watch a video than read through a post. Diversifying your content in this way will also ensure that it gets seen, whether that means being watched or read.

Other than having an excuse to create more content, videos are also great for SEO purposes. Publishing your blog videos on platforms like YouTube will help raise their visibility. So not only will your posts get viewed more, but there’s also the possibility of increasing engagement. This is especially helpful if you don’t already utilize YouTube or other video-based platforms like TikTok.

Whichever reason is most attractive for your business, you can always count on video to hook your audience and occupy their time. Allow your blog posts to tell their story in a fresh, new way, guaranteeing more eyes on your business.

Reuse and recycle text.

Words have unlimited use cases, especially when it comes to digital content. The possibilities are endless when it comes to text, but repurposing existing text is always an option most people don’t think of. Blog posts in particular usually contain a good amount of text, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to use it over again. Whether it’s turning your most clever sentence into an Instagram caption or breaking down the entire body into an email campaign, don’t let it all go to waste.

So how exactly can you prepare your blog text to be repurposed? Some things to keep in mind are strong titles, appropriate sequences and storylines, and CTAs. All it takes is a powerful statement to be reworked into your next piece of content, so putting in the extra time to craft a quality storyline can make all the difference in your other projects.

After all, not one word will go to waste, making you and your team’s efforts worth the time. Just remember that the stronger the blog post, the stronger the copy is later, so make every word count. You'll thank yourself later.

Drive traffic to your blog with ads.

Could you see your blog post as something others outside of your usual audience would find inspiring or helpful? Create an ad based on your blog topic. This can be done in one of two ways. You can either advertise the blog post itself for direct traffic or design an ad that markets the same topic.

Whichever method you choose, you already have the text, and visuals to work with. There’s no better scenario for a digital marketer than having all assets ready to launch ads. Especially if your creative team has already put in professional-grade work, you have yourself free resources to recycle and reuse.

This repurpose option is by far the best when it comes to adding fuel to your blog. Many underestimate a simple post’s power, letting the content sit over time. Blogs are meant to be shared, whether by link or leveraging ads. Trying this out will only increase the chances of someone finding your blog page, thus finding your business. And who doesn’t love more web traffic?

Share your blog’s images.

Have cool visuals in your blog posts? Don’t let them go to waste! Sharing your blog’s featured or in-text images can help readers easily identify your posts. Plus, images are never a waste when time is invested in creating them. A great designer can craft up the perfect visual to compliment both your story and social media feed. That way you can be confident knowing your content is being used to the last drop.

<p class="c-indent"> Pro tip: Tools like connect your Instagram posts to any link you want. Anyone visiting your Instagram can simply click on your image and be rerouted to its corresponding blog post. Matching your story’s featured image to the one on your feed can help facilitate a seamless experience for those looking to engage with them. </p>

Now that you’ve heard it here, when does your new blog launch? Even if you already have one, it's great to start thinking about ways to repurpose and leverage your posts. Regardless of where your business is in blogging, try making them a part of your next digital marketing strategy. With the right creative team, you can be on your way to more, better, faster content.

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