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February 3, 2022
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Creative directors are found in many different industries. Their 10+ years of experience enables them to lead all sizes of creative departments and teams. If you have a passion for creativity and leading teams to success, you should consider becoming a creative director. Not only are there many perks that await you, but the opportunity to advance your career is well worth the shot. Here are the basics to keep in mind when deciding on whether or not you should pursue the career path.

A Day in the Life

The typical workday looks different for everyone. Depending on the number of factors, creative directors always cover projects from concept to execution. This means that they essentially work until their vision is sought through and their client/team is satisfied.

However, while they’re present throughout the entire scope of a project, they don’t typically dive into the creative work themselves; rather, they direct others to produce the end result. Between meeting with clients, building timelines, balancing budgets, directing decisions, and delivering projects on time, creative directors ensure that their own creative team is managed and motivated to carry out their direction.

But that’s not all–as a creative director, staying inspired is the key to a successful position. Whether through purposeful research or simply observing their surroundings, it’s important to bring fresh, new ideas to the table–or should we say, mood board. If not obvious already, there’s a good reason they’re known as the superheroes of creative teams.

What’s in it for them?

For some, being a creative director alone is rewarding enough, but for others–like any job–it needs to come with benefits. After years of working in a creative field, the reason people choose the role is simple–you don’t have to execute projects yourself anymore.

Being a director allows you the freedom to step into your management skills without worrying about ever putting your hands on a task. And besides the perk of likely making over $100k in annual income, creative directing comes with a whole lot of other perks.

As a creative director, your skills are versatile in many different industries. Because of this, you’re likely able to work with various clients, big and small, opening many doors in your career. The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about finding these clients when you work with a model like Designity.

The innovative model is designed to equip you with exclusive resources such as project and communication guidelines and processes, and support from a dedicated internal management team. Better yet, you also have access to a US-based vetted network of creatives who are ready to execute your visions. Not only are they experienced in various areas of design and marketing, but they all come with different experience levels.

This allows you to own your gift in mentorship and make the most out of directing your very own team. So not only are you covered in fulfilling client needs, but you have the ability to touch the lives of many creatives along the way.

What does it take?

Now that you know all there is to gain by becoming a creative director, what does it take to be one? While the specific requirements will vary by industry and company, here’s what it takes to become a creative director with Designity. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a degree–just a strong portfolio.

               A Knack for Project Management

<p class="c-indent"> Creative directors are natural-born project managers. From brief to completion, a director should be able to plan and follow the life span of a project while keeping everyone on track. This includes the ability to set timelines, deadlines, and milestones to ensure seamless, successful progress. This is where 360-degree project management comes into play–consistently ensuring all projects are delivered within a brand’s budget and standards. </p>

               Well-Rounded Communication Skills

<p class="c-indent"> Having effective communication skills is an understatement–you need to have well-rounded communication skills. Not only should you be well-spoken to communicate with clients, but you should also know how to collaborate with creatives of all experience levels. This includes giving and translating feedback in effective ways that motivate your team, as well as positively providing direction. Not to mention, being organized and team-oriented in your communication skills are all attributes that’ll help you become a great leader. </p>

               Advanced Creative Expertise

<p class="c-indent"> Every company has different experience requirements, but Designity requires a minimum of 10 years of experience in a creative field. Since directors work closely with their teams, they should be fluent in the related creative areas. That’s another reason why Designity's creative directors have experience in at least 3 design categories such as graphic, website, and publication design. Having extended experience can better help you direct a creative team with varying experience levels and abilities, such as emerging designers. </p>

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How to Become a Creative Director with Designity

Designity makes starting your dream career simple through a unique application process. Interestingly enough, candidates never have to submit a resume or cover letter.

Becoming a creative director starts with a simple application that allows you to walk through your experience, not just bank on someone reading your resume. This is where you’ll get to share details about your work history, management style, and more–all through video.

If your experience is a match, you’ll be asked to complete a creative challenge where you’ll be given the freedom to showcase your best work before a final interview. Then you’ll be on your way to helping companies reach their full creative potential.

We don't look at resumes to qualify candidates. We care about candidates' creative approaches, talent and personalities first. If they align with our core values, then we'll evaluate their skills through our vetting challenge assignments. That's the way to hire people without resumes. – Shahrouz Varshabi, Founder & CEO of Designity 

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