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What Should You Pay for Great Motion Graphics Design?

October 7, 2022
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The price of just about everything is fluctuating nowadays, especially when it comes to marketing services. With inflation and the cost of living fluctuating as much as it is, it’s no wonder that designers and agencies are changing their prices to reflect that. 

Motion graphic designers are no different. The price will inevitably change if you hire them from the freelance marketplace and choose to go in-house or work with a creative agency. 

Let’s take a closer look at how much a motion graphics designer should cost and how inflation has impacted their rates. 

What does a motion graphics designer do?

Motion graphics is a type of animation, but the video production is different from what you would expect from traditional animation. Using motion graphics in your campaigns can increase engagement and click-through rates by 80%.

Motion graphic designers, or motion designers, are artists who create art for video, web, social media, and TV. In marketing, motion designers are typically utilized for explainer videos, web animation, and graphics and animation for ad campaigns.

The best place to find motion graphics designers

Three houses showing the cost of in-house motion graphic designers.

Motion designers can be found anywhere that offers a wide selection of creative services. Depending on your needs and your budget, this will affect where you choose to look. Here are some of the most common places where motion designers can be found and what they will cost you.

Freelance motion designers

Freelance motion designers are typically found in marketplaces such as Fiverr, UpWork, and 99Designs. They sometimes also market themselves on social media or Linkedin. The good thing about working with freelance designers is that you are not required to pay them a salary, hire them full-time, or keep them as permanent fixtures on the team.

The downside to hiring freelance designers is that they can be unreliable and timelines may be hard to predict. You are not their only client. 

Freelance motion designer cost: Hourly rates may range anywhere from $25 to $350 per hour.

In-house motion graphics designers

Most companies won’t opt for a full-time, in-house motion designer. Unless you are a large brand or a creative agency, the odds of this happening are very slim. For the sake of this article, let’s look at what it will take to hire a graphic designer and what it will cost you.

The benefit of working with an in-house motion designer is that they will be very familiar with your brand identity. This will make those motion graphics videos feel effortlessly on brand and will lessen the amount of back-and-forth feedback needed to get the job done. 

The downside here is that you are limited to one motion graphic designer, so there isn’t a lot of variety. If you don’t have very many motion graphics projects on deck, then you either have to fire them or create projects for them. 

Cost of an in-house motion designer: The average salary of an in-house motion designer varies, but you could expect to pay $71k per year.

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Hiring a creative agency

Hiring a creative agency isn’t a bad idea if you have a full-scale production for a large campaign coming up. The perks of working with an agency come from the variety of specialties. 

You could have one designer specializing in 3D animation, another a genius at title sequences, and another who can take a simple product design and turn it into an interesting video for you to share with your investors. 

With creative agencies, the thorn is the price tag. 

Cost of working with a creative agency: Companies that want to work with creative agencies typically pay anywhere from $500-$25,000 per month. This is why we don’t suggest taking this route unless you are working on a very large campaign like a Superbowl commercial, for example.

Find the right design partner for you.

Person working on motion graphics from a laptop.

Hiring a motion designer shouldn’t cost you a fortune, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of the work because you can’t afford creative agency retainers. 

Luckily, animated graphic design services are one of our specialties. At Designity, this art form is one of our strong suits, and we don’t charge steep retainer-like pricing. From YouTube channels to awesome web designers, our team has created motion graphics for our clients since our company was founded. 

With Designity, you gain access to a creative director who is matched with you based on your unique needs, and it’s their job to put together your ideal motion design team. The best part is that you don’t have to manage anyone; your creative director does the heavy lifting for you.

We’re tapping into our inner Saul Bass with great motion design custom created especially for your unique vision.

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