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Designity Review — 100 Reviews: a Small but Meaningful Milestone

December 19, 2023
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Designity stands out as an example of excellence and client satisfaction with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 in Google reviews. This achievement is not just a number; it's a testament to Designity’s commitment to quality, creativity, and client success.

Designity’s positive Google reviews are yet another factor that differentiates Designity from competitors such as Superside, Toptal, MarketHire, DesignPickle, Superside, 99designs, and Penji.

In today's digital world, where the authenticity of reviews can be questionable, we take immense pride in celebrating a small but genuine batch of reviews we have received from over a hundred satisfied clients.

<p class="c-text-align-center">Shahrouz Varshabi - Founder & CEO of Designity</p>

Designity’s innovative and collaborative model has been disrupting the traditional way of obtaining design and marketing services since 2017. Offering full-stack and high-quality design services at scale and for a reasonable cost is a big achievement that we are proudly celebrating. 

How Designity Works

Marketing managers and directors highly recommend Designity for any growing company. 

In fact, the three most frequently used keywords that clients use to describe Designity are Creative Director, Quality, and Collaboration; words that perfectly capture Designity’s unique model. 

When clients sign up for a Designity account, they are assigned a dedicated Creative Director who acts as their main point of contact and is responsible for both quality control and project management. 

Based on the project requirements, the Creative Director then carefully selects the right Creatives from Designity’s vetted pool and manages their output to ensure quality assurance throughout the creative process. This unique collaboration between Creative Directors and Creatives on Designity’s tech-enabled platform is what results in such exceptionally high client satisfaction.

Last but not least, Designity’s flexible, month-to-month plans very much align with client needs, allowing them to hop in and out as they require additional high-quality design services.

What People Say About Designity

“I work for a lean, hyper-growth startup. Our partnership with Designity has been so positive. Our creative director is so easy to work with, the project timelines are prompt, and the quality of work and professionalism exceeded my expectations.

3-month update (Nov 2023): My team is still collaborating with Designity. I really appreciate our creative director, Matthew Wohlabaugh, as a creative mentor. In addition to supporting project ideation and execution, Designity paired us with a seasoned creative who I am able to learn from professionally.

Context: I am a new manager leading the creatives at a successful startup. I am being pushed to grow quickly and fill roles that I don't have an in-house role model for. I am so thankful for the quality, timely service that Designity provides.”

-Stefanellie Saavedra - Marketing Manager at Physician's Choice

“The Designity team has gone above and beyond to ensure our needs are met. Our creative director is an excellent project manager, sets great expectations, and provides worthwhile insights. Working with Designity has allowed our internal marketing team to focus on other projects and lightened our workload.”

-Jessica Risenhoover - Director of Marketing at Tulsa Remote

“We have enlisted Designity for about 30 projects and have been thrilled with the results. From concept to delivery, Designity's team of creatives have impressed us with the talent, versatility, and thoughtful consideration they have brought to every project. Our CD, Catherine, has become an expert in our brand, guiding each project with patience, agility, and an astounding ability to synthesize our input and deliver results that consistently delight.”

David Lofgren - Media Strategy at EquityMultiple

A party cracker.

Why Are Google Reviews So Important?

Would you eat at a restaurant with bad reviews? 

The same principle holds true for anything else. Reviews are important for brands. Due to the sheer visibility of Google reviews, they play a pivotal role in shaping a company’s reputation and how they are perceived online.

The first thing many people do while researching a brand is to Google the company to check out their reviews and, most importantly, reach out to some of those reviewers to make sure they are real!

It’s understandable! As potential customers, we want to know what the reputation is of any brand that we’re considering spending our hard-earned money on and, to find out, we often turn to that brand’s previous customers to learn about their experience.

The Start of Something Great

So, because an overwhelmingly positive online reputation means so much to us, we want to thank you, our clients, for making it possible.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for choosing Designity to deliver exceptional creative marketing services to you and for trusting us to handle such an important aspect of your business and your brand.

We look forward to this being the first of many milestones to celebrate with you and hope to one day be able to announce that we have achieved a perfect 5-star rating from 5 million clients!

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