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A 1:1 Exclusive Interview with Designity Creative, Sarah G.

May 24, 2024
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When we get asked what the biggest draw is about working with Designity, there’s only one answer:

Our people!

Designity has some of the most amazing and talented creatives, all from a variety of different skills and backgrounds, and all working together to elevate the marketing campaigns of all different kinds of brands. 

And now it’s time for you to get to know one of these amazing people for yourself! Today’s blog is an exclusive 1:1 interview with graphic design extraordinaire, Sarah G!

So, if you’re ready to learn how Sarah went from a college bookbinder to a much sought-after Designity superstar, then we’re ready to share their story and their awesome work!

It’s time to meet Sarah G!

How did you get into design? What’s your origin story?

T-shirt design for Outdoor Network.

So, I kind of didn’t know what I wanted to do in high school. I felt like I could do anything, but I really liked art and I loved to draw.

I did an AP drawing class and was like, “yeah, I like this.”

I decided I wanted to go into graphic design, partially because I wanted to be in the arts and partially because I thought it was funny because my last name is Graf.

[Editor’s Note: Now, I get it. It is funny.]

With a last name like Graf, is your family creative as well?

Yes, everyone is creative!

My partner is a band director, so he’s creative musically, and sometimes, I’ll ask him, “Hey, does this look good?” and he’ll suggest something and then I’ll create it.

I also do all the free labor for his program. They just had Senior night, so I made certificates for awards and will help design some T-shirts soon.

The rest of my family is also really talented!

Where did you go to school for graphic design?

I enrolled in Columbia College Chicago for graphic design, and I worked hard not knowing anything about it or any of the programs. The first year was definitely difficult, I often felt overwhelmed with all I needed to learn, but I pulled through, and I got a BFA in graphic design!

What was your first creative-related job?

Social media posts for The Well.

During college, I worked at the Communications Department. 

So, all the students and student organizations would be in requests for flyers and logos and pamphlets, so I would make those there and I learned a lot just trying to learn Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign. I learned a lot there.

How did your career lead you to Designity?

After college, my first job was actually at an interior design and branding firm. I worked in the graphic design department.

Everything was so collaborative, interior and graphic designers often worked together to create the interior and branding for hospitality venues. One of my first major projects was a hotel called Yours Truly in D.C.

We worked together with interior designers, getting colors, textures, and patterns from them and created a whole branding packaging for that.

But, unfortunately, the hospitality industry and COVID don’t really mix, and I was unfortunately laid off during that time. 

So, I decided I wanted something more stable. I wanted a remote job. And that’s how I ended up at Designity.

What is your favorite kind of project to take on?

Logo design for One Dutch.

I think my favorite kind of project is definitely something that can be experimental.

It doesn’t matter if it’s branding or ads or even a presentation, if I’m allowed to be experiential and take the branding a little bit further, I love doing that.

What is your biggest talent?

Oddly, I love InDesign

In college, every single project was a book of some sort. So, I got really into page layout and making books and I eventually printed everything out, bound it in hardcover, and got into bookbinding.

So, I definitely love working with InDesign and any multi-page layout project.

Bookbinding? That’s an interesting skill to have! Did you do that for your hospitality job?

No, I just did that for fun!

So, what’s been your most challenging project and how did you overcome the challenges?

Social media posts for Item 9 Labs.

I can’t really recall anything specific. I think all of my projects are challenging in one way or another but honestly, the most challenging thing is starting.

I’ll be like, I have no idea how to start this but then once I do, it’s like “Okay, I got this.”

What is your favorite thing about working at Designity?

I love how it’s centered on remote working. 

And I really love all of the opportunities to design for so many different fields and so many different companies. I’ve gotten so much experience in a little bit of everything, which is cool.

How do you keep yourself up to date with design/tech/other trends?

Infographic design for Cyolo.

I feel like Designity keeps me up to date by itself!

I’m always so impressed by all of the new tools that they’re using. I had never used Miro or Loom or Figma before joining Designity and now they’re just essential to my workflow.

I also follow a few design accounts on TikTok, and I pick up on trends from there.

Is there any insight you can give about current design trends or tools?

Let’s see, I’m definitely trying to keep up with all the trends, but it always moves so quickly. I’d say maybe my favorite new tool is Photoshop generative AI. That saves me so much time, you have no idea how many photos I’ve just expanded because it’s not big enough and it doesn’t show enough. 

But AI has definitely improved my designs because I can fully utilize the photos that clients give me to use. 

So, if you’ve been holding back on experimenting with AI, you should definitely try it because it saves so much time.

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What do you like to do when you’re not working or designing?

Realistically, I’m sleeping!

But ideally, I’m still drawing or painting and I would like to definitely read more. I think I have a dozen half-read books on my nightstand and I’d like to complete one of them at least.

Do you have any words of inspiration for aspiring designers?

Always put in your best effort, do your best, take pride in your work, and celebrate your achievements even if they’re small.

Keep designing and keep trying new things.

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