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Designer Jobs Made Possible By AI

December 21, 2022
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When you were a kid you might have wondered what the world would look like when you grew up.

Would it be a world full of holograms, Rosie the Robots, and interplanetary travel?

Now that you’re grown, you know it’s not quite that way (though there’s nothing stopping you from naming your Roomba, Rosie).

But even though we’re not teleporting and zooming around in flying cars, it doesn’t mean that the world hasn’t changed since we were kids.

Artificial Intelligence, something that used to only feature in Sci-Fi films is now a reality.

It’s also a rapidly advancing field, one that is creating as many jobs as some feared it might one day replace.


Are the robots taking over?

While machines have replaced people to some extent, the jobs that they take over tend to be the low-value, tedious, and dangerous jobs that don't require a lot of complex human decision-making anyway.

And most of those jobs are ones that most humans were only too happy to let them take.

So, yes, while machines make assembly lines and taking inventory easier and more efficient, there is no replacement yet for the natural human intelligence that makes businesses thrive and grow.

In fact, freeing up intelligent humans from boring and dangerous tasks gives them an opportunity to do other things, such as telling the machines what to do and assisting in machine learning.

This is true of many different industries, and designers out there can rejoice, because AI designing is an up-and-coming field that you can start getting into today.

The machines are our friends, not our overlords.

So, in no particular order of importance, here are some AI jobs for United States-based designers that you can find now.

AI Designer

AI designer

You don’t need to be a data scientist, but if you’ve got a good tech base and are a creative and efficient problem-solver, then you might find a role as an AI Designer to be the right fit for you.

As an AI Designer, your duties would be to collaborate with AI engineers and software development experts to create a system that facilitates the efficient collection of high-quality data through annotation.

In simpler terms, you help to design a system that makes it easier to feed the right kind of data to the AI machines and then teach it how to effectively use that data. The more data the AI has access to, the faster and more accurately it can learn how to apply it.

AI Designers have to be incredibly creative to come up with the right kind of data-collection systems for AI users to properly use their technology.

You’ll also be developing products based on AI, coming up with creative uses for those products, and presenting your ideas to potential investors to help your company get it off the ground.

AI Designers also have a hand in developing new technologies and designing AI development tools.

Create AI-powered apps for website engineers, tailor-made for the needs of those website owners’ target audience, or use your design techniques along with AI to create interactive experiences for your client’s customers.

If you’ve got the know-how, there are plenty of doors open for you in this growing field.

Conversation Designer

Got a way with words?

If so, you might be a good AI Conversation Designer.

Many websites have implemented chatboxes (more on that later) into their design to give consumers a way to answer simple questions during off hours or save their employees for the more complex questions that require human interaction.

And someone’s got to teach that chatbox how to have a conversation, right?

Conversation Designer is a role that definitely didn’t exist a few years ago but is now a very important part of any website designer’s team.

They train the AI bots by giving them sample dialogue that helps them practice conversing, and by programming the bot’s technology to find the best structure for those conversations. 

The designer must have the insight and creativity to come up with questions that a consumer would ask, know their pain points, and the solution that addresses them best.

The bot can’t do that by itself. It must be taught to respond to questions conversationally and naturally, making sure it’s as helpful as possible to ensure a good user experience and not a frustrating one.

And if you’ve ever talked to a bot that wasn’t at all helpful, then now you know how useful a Conversation Designer really is.

This is a relatively new position, but it’s one that’s growing as more and more companies turn to chat boxes to increase the effectiveness of their websites.

Graphic Designer

An AI graphic designer sitting in design elements.

An AI graphic designer? 

But isn’t the whole point of AI art to eliminate the need for one of those?

Not quite. If you’re a graphic designer, you don’t need to be worried about AI art taking over your job just yet.

On the contrary, AI can be your friend; a useful tool to help you with your projects. Take a look at some AI-generated images on sites, such as Midjourney or  

Websites like those can quickly generate images using your client’s key phrases, slogans, ideas, etc., and can be extremely useful in speeding up the brainstorming and ideation phases of your work. 

Using AI art, you can quickly conjure up a mood board for your client to pick over, choosing elements of the image they’d like in their marketing collateral and making it that much easier for you to get a bead on their wants and style choices.

Or use AI-generated art to gain inspiration for that next project.

And if you come across an exceptionally good generated image, then there’s a free shortcut for you. 

Tweak it to be more in line with your client’s brand, style, and color palette, and spend your extra time doing something else.

AI isn’t here to replace you, but it can make your job easier! 

UX Designer

Just like graphic designing, AI can be a useful tool for UX Designers out there.

Even though AI can learn incredibly quickly, it can’t think creatively or strategically the way that a human designer can.

To create a great, user-friendly website, you’re just going to need that human touch. And AI can help you elevate a good website to a great one.

Use AI technology for chatboxes to answer potential consumers’ easy questions, allowing them to get the information they need instantly and without taking up time from a human employee.

You can use AI as part of an e-commerce website, allowing it to take user data to generate purchase suggestions based on their search inquiries and items they may have previously purchased. 

Because AI handles data so quickly and efficiently, you can increase conversions on your client’s websites by offering insight into customers’ behavior without having to manually track their previous purchases and browser history.

A customer who can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for on your website is a customer that’s going to come back again the next time they need the solution your client is offering.

So, UX Designers, why not hop aboard? AI isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well make it a tool in your arsenal.

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Man and machine, working in harmony.

As you can see, there’s no need to fear a Terminator-style AI uprising just yet.

The truth is quite the opposite! The machines need us. Although AI technology can seem independent, just remember that behind every intelligent machine is a human being, helping it to learn.

And as long as businesses are implementing AI into everything from graphic design to website building, then they’re going to need those naturally intelligent humans to make it work.

So, why not go with the flow? AI technology is creating jobs that didn’t exist as little as ten years ago and making the jobs that did exist easier than ever before.

The opportunities are out there if you know where to look.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate AI into your work?

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