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Your Guide to a Great Business Website

March 22, 2022
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If you knew how many people left your website right after visiting it, would you get offended or would you know exactly why? The harsh reality is that people leave websites within just 10-20 seconds of visiting them. And before you think “not mine,” yes, this includes yours too.

Luckily, with so many tools and resources out there, crafting an outstanding website isn’t a rare skill. With a couple of tricks up your sleeve, you can beat that 10-20 second statistic in no time.

1.   Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly 

If there’s anything you should remember off the bat, it’s that desktop doesn’t rule supreme. 56% of website visitors actually use their mobile devices to access websites. That’s a pretty high number, right?

Therefore, if you’re only focusing on the desktop version of your website, you’re only focusing on 44% of your potential customers. For younger audiences such as Gen Z or even Millennials, it could even be more than that considering their higher mobile device usage. 

But making sure your website is mobile-friendly is just a start, or as we’d call it–the bare minimum. Mobile users also care about the mobile experience too. This means making your mobile experience just as engaging as your desktop’s, if not more–because small screens deserve love too.

2.   Keep the User Experience in Mind

With Web 3.0 here, don’t expect users to lower their standards anytime soon. If anything, the expectations for website experiences will only rise. And with so much competition to battle against, delivering a unique experience is key to holding attention.

Easy-to-read content, high-quality visuals, and seamless navigation structures are all things to keep in mind when building a website. More importantly, it isn’t just about what you put on your site, but it’s how you put them on your site too. 

Slow load times are one of the top reasons users leave, so things like a strong hosting service and compressed images are important to keep in mind. The last thing you want to happen is to have incredible content to show, but users aren’t able to stick around for the grand reveal.

Before figuring out which direction you should follow, it’s important to evaluate your goals. No two businesses should have the same website, so consider what’s most important for yours.

                      User experience tips:

  • If you’re in eCommerce, make checking out easier
  • If you’re a lifestyle brand, make exploring content easier
  • If you’re a service-based company, make contacting you easier

3.   Keep Your Call to Actions Clear

Every business has a goal: more leads, calls, sales, etc. The list goes on. While most think they should keep these “greedy” objectives a secret behind-the-scenes, the opposite is actually true. You can’t expect users to know what to do with your website if they’ve never visited it before.

A call-to-action (CTA) is an element designed to prompt a response or encourage an action. Not being clear with what you want your user to do is the easiest way to get them to log off. People visit your website for a reason and you have one for a reason–take initiative!

CTAs should be made obvious early on in the experience, such as on your homepage. It’s important to note that CTAs aren’t just pieces of copy, but should operate as a working action. For example, don’t just say “Book a Demo,” make sure there’s a button to book an actual demo.


4.   Prioritize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you have the best content and best user experience, now what? Well, the biggest fear you should have now is if anyone can find your site. Relying on your website link in your Instagram bio or sharing it around with friends and family will only go so far.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) saves the day. Optimizing your website is highly important in today’s age, especially with how many others are attempting the same things you are. Getting found on Google is also a decreasing chance as the years go by. 

The easiest way to combat this is to infuse SEO-friendly copy and content that’s strong enough to be found. You want to work smarter, not harder, so don’t just rely on other digital marketing efforts to get the job done.  


5.   Think Quality Over Quantity 

When it comes to copy or visuals, less is more. Today, consumers see so much content on the daily, so making things clear and straightforward is important. Quality content is critical in today’s competitive digital landscape. 

The best way to practice quality over quantity is simply to evaluate the content. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or align with your goals, leave it out. This could mean making copy simpler and more plainspoken or using just a handful of impactful visuals. 

One thing to steer away from is eliminating too much and being left with poorly written content or poor quality visuals. Just because having less is more doesn’t mean that less is the best. Always be sure to keep your content is relevant, fresh, and appropriate where need be.

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Bonus: Take Website Design Seriously

As a bonus tip, take your website’s design seriously. In order to strengthen your user experience (on desktop and mobile), optimize your website, and create magnetic CTAs, you’ll need good design.

Most would immediately jump to templated website builders such as Squarespace, but custom websites offer much more customization and options to get creative. While there’s nothing wrong with these tools, nothing beats custom.

If you don’t know where to start, Designity handles all of the possible website design services you could possibly need. With a professional team to help bring your ideas to life, you can finally spend more time running your business and less time wondering if your website will perform well.

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