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What Video Marketing Can Do for Your Brand

January 7, 2022
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You might already have an idea of what makes video content a valuable asset, but there’s more to credit than TikTok. With significant shifts in social media algorithms, SEO, and consumer psychology, 86% of brands use video content as one of their primary marketing tools. Will you be one of them?

1.  Social Media Platforms Encourage Video

With TikTok taking the lead in video content, other platforms have altered their algorithm to keep up. This is especially true for Instagram, where the platform now heavily focuses on their IGTV and Reel features. While TikTok certainly did pave the way for social media platforms to encourage video, Youtube has always remained strong.

No matter if it’s an old platform like Youtube or a new one like TikTok, video isn’t going anywhere. Introducing it to your feed isn’t just about fitting in the market, but it’s also about appealing to the algorithm. With more content diversity and engagement, you can always be sure your posts are being seen with video.

2.  It (Almost Always) Yields an ROI

Now there are cases where this isn’t entirely true, but for the most part, videos do yield a return on investment (ROI). Videos are one-stop information givers, helping consumers become more familiar with you and your product or service. Its versatility also makes it a great tool for both B2C and B2B content strategies, meaning just about any company and target audience can benefit from the medium.

This is especially true for the different reasons people consume video content. Not only is it an effective way to showcase nearly everything, but it’s also a popular resource consumers use to make shopping decisions, become influenced by others’ shopping decisions, or simply discover new brands to shop from.

With 78% of internet users viewing online videos weekly and 55% daily, there are many opportunities to catch the attention of potential customers. This is of course a growing number and assuming there’s a solid digital marketing plan in place. However, underestimating the power of video due to a worry of an ROI is a mistake. As more eyes turn and focus on video content moving forward, it’ll be your choice to be the consumer or the creator.

3.  SEO Loves Videos

Being owned by Google is far more beneficial for businesses than a fun fact. Youtube ranks just 2nd under Google in SEO power, giving you every reason to post a video. With all of the websites out there, simply waiting to be seen on the first five pages of Google isn’t going to do you much justice. You have a bigger chance of getting shared on a search engine results page by conquering both web and video.

How is this possible? Using relevant keywords in the video’s title, description, and including links back to your website can all help optimize your video for SEO. As a plus, people spend more time on websites with videos than websites without them. Longer exposure builds trust and shows search engines that you have good content. So the next time you’re wondering how to be more SEO friendly, turn to video and Youtube for a helping hand.

Filming a video to enhance video marketing strategies.

4.  They Convey a Clearer Message

Ever wonder if your content is getting across to your audience in the right way? Photo or text-based content can sometimes leave your audience with questions or possibly even confused. While they say pictures say a thousand words, sometimes a thousand words are just not enough. That’s where videos come in to save the day. Not only can you include both photo and text into a rolling storyline, but the possibilities are quite literally endless when it comes to the medium.

Videos help consumers understand more complex and sophisticated messages with the ability to soak in more information. You have more time to infuse your favorite CTAs or long storyline–basically everything you can’t do in an image. As video continues to evolve over time, there will always be a better way to enhance your content. Until then, getting started now will only make you a better understood, dynamic brand.

5.  Videos Build Trust and Credibility

When you invest in your content, consumers are more likely to invest in you. Videos like tutorials offer direct value for the time spent watching them. Sharing content to help inform potential customers about your business can really help push them to your door. And if the first impression you get with an individual is one of your videos, then you’ll be in a better position than the next business without them.

If there’s one thing that online consumers are familiar with, it’s good and bad marketing. We’ve been bombarded with ads and content for so long that at some point, we’ve become adept in the tactics used. This applies directly to the content you choose to create and share. Consumers can acknowledge the companies that invest in their marketing and creative department and those that don’t. Professional videos might just be the one thing you’re missing to take control of where your consumers shop and drive more business to your brand.

What Videos Exist

Now that you know why having video content is important, are you aware of the various types and styles that exist? Familiarizing yourself with the different possibilities of video content can help you identify which best fit your brand. Types of videos refer to the nature of the storyline, whereas styles refer to the approach of putting the storyline together.

Introducing various types like explainer videos and tutorials can really enhance any business’s content calendar. There’s no shortage of the different types of videos that exist or could exist in the future when the list continues to grow. As for styles, there are many ways you could execute the types of videos mentioned above. Infusing a creative flair into any storyline can take your content to the next level.

Here are the most popular video styles you might want to check out:

  1. Live action
  2. Animation
  3. Whiteboard
  4. Motion graphics
  5. Typography
  6. Screencast
  7. Live action screencast
  8. Live streaming
  9. Photo montage


Where to Start

Depending on your skill set, you could certainly craft a compelling video. However, nothing compares to professionally created content. While it is an investment, it’s one worth trying out. There are many careful steps taken to craft the perfect video from pre-production to post-production. The smallest detail can really enhance the storyline and in return, your ROI. While every video is different, there is a general series of steps to get you on the right track. With some pro creative help, you can be sure your content will be polished and en route to higher engagement.

What makes a great video? Here are the 7 general steps to getting your hands on five-star quality content:

  1. Concept development: identify a problem, solution, and goal
  2. Scriptwriting: construct an engaging storyline
  3. Storyboarding: prepare a rough outline of visuals
  4. Creation: shoot footage or compile visual content
  5. Voiceover: cast and direct a verbal script
  6. Background music: apply created or purchased sound
  7. Final production: final editing and last-minute touches

With all the possibilities in the world of video, crafting amazing videos has become easier with the resources available. It is expected that 82% of internet traffic will be online videos in 2022. Will one of those videos be yours? No matter what business you are or who you’re targeting, video content is the new bare minimum to help you stay ahead of your competition and grow exponentially.

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