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Design Positions for Forward-Thinking Creatives

January 7, 2022
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1. Mobile Designer

With the explosion of the smart phone industry in last couple of years, the design in field of telecommunications is actually one of the fastest growing designer careers. Mobile designers work on mobile development for ads, apps, and websites. This is an amazing choice for the ones who are technically minded, and are ready to combine programming, style and UX knowledge.

2. Avatar Programmer

Clients will soon be in a search of best possible representation in virtual worlds such as VR, movies, and mobile games. This will mean creating a high-polygon, low-poly variants of that representation. Here, knowledge of AI-response programming would come in handy. Partially, this job is already existing in the form of digitized actors. This career path will get more complex as the actors' likenesses start becoming more prevalent in VR and games. As time passes and these representations become more mainstream, actors will feel as if they need to increase the control of their images. This scenario happened in every single form of the media, and it's very likely it would happen in virtual worlds also.

3. Human Organ Designer

Human Organ Designers will have to be experts in the bio-engineering niche. They would fit the newly created organs and the artificial limbs to a human. Designers will need to be capable of fully executing an end-to-end design and an implementation of the process for custom-fit or ready-to use organs. Their software and hardware knowledge should be involved deeply in bio-electronics.

4. Graphic & UX Designers

Graphic design is the brain of the visual and the website layouts. It covers magazines, logos, and many more components. The fact that computer-related jobs are supposed to grow for about 61 percent by 2020. Developing one's programming skills in a combination with graphic design can bring to a successful future career.

An additional design which emerged lately is a user experience (UX) design. A job for this type of designers is to create online spaces, namely websites (for example Designity), where users can navigate easily. Due to the concern of users stumbling across a bad-looking and non user-friendly site, UX designers will always have something to work on. They will be employed by small startups, huge corporations, or anyone in between.

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5. Embodied Interactions Designer

Screens became a real trend over past thirty years. They still do require a good amount of attention, but soon we should be able to see the rise of software that is only rarely manifesting on the screens. For this, we must have a new type of designer - designer who focuses on the embodied interactions.

These new types of designers will be concerned with virtual reality, as much as with the computers being embedded in spaces and things. Designer will need to borrow some practices from the architecture and industrial design, so the modeling of interactions are having orientation in the space. The Embodied Interactions Designer will have to know its way across datasets to dig the value, but still protect the privacy.

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