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Five-Star Illustration Projects to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

April 22, 2022
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You can craft up a killer illustration when someone presents you with a concept, but you just can’t seem to come up with your own ideas. Don’t worry–you’re not alone. Part of being creative is at times being indecisive or in a state of limbo.

We’re surrounded by so much inspiration that when it comes time to put pen to paper (or stylus to tablet), brain fog becomes an understatement. It can be quite taxing on not only the mind but your time, and we don’t always have enough of it.  

Luckily, design agencies and platforms exist to generate millions of ideas for their clients, and what better source than the experts to grab some ideas? Servicing our own clients in illustration, we got just the five illustration projects that are guaranteed to spark some inspiration. 

What makes a five-star illustration?

It’s not all that hard to craft up a high-quality illustration, especially with the tools available on the internet. There are even resources like Humaaans that create custom illustrations for you with the click of a button. 

These tools are great for high-volume projects, but not if you’re looking to stand out amongst other brands or designers. There’s a major difference when crafting designs from scratch, especially when originality is the main priority. Custom illustration styles and projects usually require a little more attention to detail.

Five-star illustrations are also a direct reflection of brand identity, which can be limiting to reference depending on the guidelines. Because of this, it only makes sense to skip the generators–nothing compares to a handcrafted masterpiece. Here are some cool illustration ideas to get you started on the right track. 



Illustration Directed by Pooyan A.

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While it would’ve been easier to just use an online generator, this branding project required a bit more attention to detail. Every project runs smoother with a color palette and brand guidelines to reference, and ScaleFast came prepared to kick it off.

Traditional brand guidelines don’t offer all that much to work with, but with freedom like this, there were many directions to take. Some might call it illustration, but these illustrations prove to be much more–somewhat like storytelling. The result were a great addition to the company’s new website.

The Takeaway: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.



Illustration Directed by Pooyan A.

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Part of creating illustrations is also creating them with a goal in mind. For Fortreum, this meant creating meaningful illustrations that could complement their new website's user experience. Designing without a reason is one project, but when tailoring illustration with a purpose, a bit more focus is needed.

Creating a custom user experience is different for each platform and in the end, each user. Illustrations are a great way to add not only dimension, but also lead the user through a unique journey they won’t forget. Exploring various concepts and symbols can help nail down the right universal illustration.

The Takeaway: Design from a new perspective.

Kung Fu Tea

Illustration Directed by Alicia C.

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In comparison to the last illustration, you can see right off the bat that this one followed a different creative ideation process. Because of Kung Fu Tea’s strong branding, using inspirational images as concepts was proven to be just as effective as sketching–if not more effective.

Not all that seemingly simple, however, there was great attention paid to style and color palette. Rather than sketching, this project took existing inspiration and elements related to the brand to create the bigger picture–similar to pieces of a puzzle. 

The Takeaway: Look to everyday, existing items for inspiration. 


Illustration Directed by Pooyan A.

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Working with one set of branding guidelines is nothing new, but having to work with two sometimes might surprise you. In collaboration with a major company like Doordash, there was naturally going to be more complexity in this project having to juggle two identities.

For Cheetah, it was more than just showcasing their new addition to the app, but their story. In this illustration, it was important to consider Doordash’s branding and how the two could coexist on the platform. The solution? Considering both identities and finding a happy medium that just worked. 

The Takeaway: Go with what feels right.



Illustration Directed by Oscar P.

We couldn’t leave you with this list without sharing our own illustration projects here at Designity. While the above stellar projects were completed with our very own clients, we’ve also been illustrating (a whole lot) behind the scenes. Part of reimagining a brand is reimagining every piece of it, no matter how small. 

For us, this meant going to great lengths to get a grip on who exactly we are. The perfect place to do this? Nitty-gritty details like icons.

Illustration Directed by Oscar P.

Icons are very minuscule details that actually make all the difference. Although small and barely noticeable, they help tie up any company’s branding. All that was needed was a bit of creativity and innovation to come up with something truly unique that was true to our identity–all thanks to 3D animation.

The Takeaway: Play around with different dimensions.

There you have it–five very different illustrations that hopefully sparked your imagination. Whether you’re designing for a major brand collaboration or accessories like icons, a little inspiration can do wonders. Just remember that there’s no wrong or right way to get inspired; it’s just about what works best for you.

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