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Why Your Brand Needs an On-Demand Creative Team

January 7, 2022
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This growing trend is more than a narrow window of opportunity to get with the times, but an opportunity to easily scale your business. Here are the top 5 benefits of having a virtual, on-demand creative team that you may have never thought about. And no, the ability to attend meetings pantless is not on this list, but is certainly an added bonus to note.

1.  Less Costs, Bigger Budgets

What’s the one thing most businesses are always looking to do? Cut costs! Because most remote workers are responsible for their own workspace, you can say goodbye to the high utility bills and office equipment. This means no more leases and other budget-limiting costs like those extra glazed donuts and a box of Joe on Monday morning.

On average, the salary of an in-house, senior-level graphic designer is around a $80k salary. Now imagine needing 2, 5 or even a whole team of designers. This can be especially pressuring on startups who have yet to build their creative departments, or even established companies who are preparing to scale.

Hiring an in-office team can be an incredibly expensive liability. Not to mention, in-house creatives are limited in skillset, which puts you in the position of having to constantly fill roles as needs come up.

But when you have a virtual creative team with platforms like Designity, you have access to a wide range of skillsets, ensuring your projects are taken care of end-to-end with no outstanding needs. The best part is that access to unlimited projects from an unlimited skillful team starts at just $3k a month. We’d say that’s a huge budget saver.

2.  Access to Limitless Skillsets & Talent

The digital world has no end. You can log onto your favorite social media platforms and connect with just about anyone in the world. Being able to build a team that’s located anywhere is one of the best perks of having a virtual creative team. This means that instead of having to settle for who’s local, you can access talent from nearly all over the US. So the next time you’re running dry on qualified candidates or don’t know where to start hiring, try giving the virtual world a try.

No more feeling rushed to fill demanding roles or spending weeks, if not months, searching for your next team member. Having access to a diverse range of creativity only brings more opportunities to explore and execute new ideas. By opening doors to new places and new people, you’re more likely to be prepared for any project. The more creativity, the better!

3.  Increased Productivity & Business Hours

While this point is certainly dependent on the person, virtual teams are more likely to be more productive than in-office teams. 52% of remote workers claim that they’re more productive when working outside of the office, and what business doesn’t want a productive team? By giving your team more freedom, you’re empowering them to perform their best–wherever that is.

By having a team thats scattered throughout the country or even the globe, you’ve earned your company more business hours. For example, when your team in New York City calls it a day, your team in Los Angeles is there to put in those extra hours. This means that both potential and existing customers have access to your business for more hours of the day across multiple time zones.

But besides more business hours, how does your virtual team’s productivity level affect you? Well, in every way possible. While yes, the possibility of your graphic designer choosing to binge-watch their favorite Netflix show over drafting your new logo is always there, the pros well outweigh the cons. After all, who likes getting told what to do? When you have the ability to choose where you work best, you’re naturally more likely to perform better and create the fantastic results companies like you are looking for.

4.  Scale at Your Own (Fast) Pace

If it isn’t already obvious from the last points, scaling is more of a breeze with virtual teams compared to in-office ones. Every business wants to grow, but to grow, you need more talent. But in reality, it’s not just talent either. On-site growth calls for additional office space, extra desks and who knows what else. Because of the nature of remote teams, they’re much easier to scale with less limitations like location and budget. So other than additional labor costs, you can look forward to quicker growth.

It’s important to mention that with on-demand virtual teams, you also have control of who works when. If bringing on more projects call for an extra hand, you can simply add one to get the job done. With flexible platforms like Designity, building your creative department is as simple as just saying what you need.

You have the ability to add creatives as your workflow grows. So if you’re a company based in the US and are trying to expand globally, let the remote path lead you. Virtual creative teams are the gateway to getting your company where it wants to go, but faster.

5.  Seamless Collaboration is a Click Away

If you’ve ever worked in an in-office environment, you know that communication isn’t always perfect and not everyone is timely. While remote collaboration isn’t perfect either, the ability to stay connected at all times is much stronger than in-person circumstances. In-office meetings are certainly more intimate when face-to-face, but if you’re not at the meeting, you’ve now just missed out on valuable information.

However, with tools like Zoom, it’s easy to keep everyone in the loop with features like meeting recordings. Virtual teams naturally prioritize high-level communication practices because they have to, therefore, they’re more likely be more efficient.


What makes it all better is the communication tools available to remote workers that make collaborating all that much easier. Once you experience the intelligence of modern resources, you’ll no longer miss the whiteboards and computer paper. So if you’re in business to save some extra trees, an Expo marker and possibly saving yourself from missing another important meeting, go remote. With your team being just an email or message away, communication is more likely to be more transparent and seamless.

The virtual transition in the workplace is not a fit for every business, but certainly is worth thinking about. With dramatic changes making its way to how, when, and where people work, it might make sense to give it some thought. Whether it’s about cutting costs, accessing nationwide talent, pushing for more productivity, or scaling, virtual on-demand creative teams are a viable solution.

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