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Types of Printed Book or Magazine Service

Choosing the Printed Book or Magazine Service for Your Company

Other Presentation & Publication Services

Choosing the Presentation & Publication Service for Your Company

Dive into the realm of e-Book Design & Creation, tailored to provide a seamless digital reading experience. Benefit from a 60-min strategy session to ensure your vision aligns perfectly with the final product. Witness captivating cover designs and meticulous layout creation, ensuring an immersive reader journey. Stock visuals are incorporated, ensuring aesthetics and resonance. Content insertion & formatting are streamlined, adding clarity and consistency. The masthead design speaks volumes of the title, while resizing capabilities allow adaptability for various formats. Further, expertise in page & content interaction design, coupled with print direction, ensures a multi-dimensional experience for both digital and traditional readers. Elevate your e-book to a masterpiece!

e-Book Design & Creation Services

Unlock success in your business with Designity's exclusive 60-min Strategy Session, culminating in a comprehensive report, case study, or white paper tailored to your needs. Experience the precision of Layout Creation, the creativity of Cover Design, and the relevance of Stock Visuals. The Content Insertion & Formatting ensures readability, while Masthead Design adds a professional touch. With Resizing Designs for Different Formats, it's adaptable for various platforms. The Print Direction provides coherence, and Page & Content Interaction Design encourages an engaging user experience. Transform your approach with strategic insights today!

Report, Case Study, and White Paper Services

Craft dynamic and visually engaging Business Presentations and PowerPoint designs with Designity's Creative Director to captivate your audience. Services include Layout Creation for a sleek and modern appeal, engaging Cover Design to catch the eye, Stock Visuals to amplify your message, and meticulous Content Insertion & Formatting. Benefit from specialized Masthead Design, Resizing Designs for Different Formats, Mockup Creation, and Print Direction to ensure consistency. Finalize with Print File Creation and a detailed Page & Content Interaction Design. To align your vision, enjoy a 60-min Strategy Session. Your message, artistically presented to drive outcomes.

Business Presentation & PowerPoint Services

Maximize your success with Designity Pitch, Sales, and Slide Deck service tailored to fit your needs. Enjoy a 60-min Strategy Session to align with your goals, followed by expert Layout Creation and engaging Cover Design. Stock Visuals and Masthead Design ensure your pitch looks professional, while Content Insertion & Formatting keep information clear and accessible. Resizing Designs For Different Formats offers flexibility, and Mockup Creation provides a preview of the final look. Finally, get ready for the market with Print Direction and Print File Creation. From concept to execution, this service promises to transform your sales pitch into a winning strategy.

Pitch, Sales, and Slide Deck Services

Designity's creative community offers a variety of Presentation Templates designed to meet your business needs, our service includes meticulously crafted Pitch, Sales, and Slide Deck solutions. Ideal for Business Presentation & PowerPoint, Designity templates are tailored for various formats such as Report, Case Study, White Paper, e-Book, and even Printed Book or Magazine. Craft your story effortlessly and present your ideas with clarity and precision, ensuring success in every meeting and impressing your audience. Designity presentation templates are the key to unlocking the full potential of your next presentation.

Presentation Template Services

With Designity's Creative Directors you can unlock the power of professional presentations with a variety of options tailored to your needs. From creating compelling Slide Decks and Business Presentations in PowerPoint to crafting effective Sales Pitches that land clients, the service provides versatility. Utilize carefully curated Presentation Templates for diverse applications such as Report writing, Case Study analysis, and White Paper creation. Extend your reach with stunning e-Book Design & Creation, and elevate your brand with exquisite Printed Book or Magazine formats. Engage your audience with dynamic solutions that communicate your message effectively. Whether it's a minimalist design or a playful and fun approach, explore the options that best represent your vision.

Presentation & Publication Services

About Printed Book or Magazine

Designity simplifies the Presentation & Publication process from creating and managing design requests for your team, providing a US-Based dedicated creative team, and a dedicated Creative Director who understands the nuances of your brand. This is all accomplished within a tech platform specifically constructed for collaborative creativity.
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Top Creatives for Printed Book or Magazine

Consistent Creativity and Quality for Your Printed Book or Magazine Projects


Vanessa C.

Creative Director
10+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Food & Beverage, Sports & Entertainment, Technology, Wellness / Fitness & more
Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Digital Advertising, Website Design

Collins B.

Creative Director
15+ years
Industry Knowledge: Non-Profit, Technology, Education, Government, Hospitality & more
Areas of Expertise: Website Design, Graphic Design, Digital Advertising

Brian P.

Creative Director
10+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Education, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Non-Profit & more
Areas of Expertise: Video Production, Graphic Design & Illustration, Website Design

Pooyan A.

Creative Director
12+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Technology Services, eCommerce, Cybersecurity, Financial Services, Food, Health Services & more
Areas of Expertise: UX/UI, Branding & Logo Design, Website Design, Video Production, and Illustrations

Sitara D.

Creative Director
16+ Years
Industry Knowledge: Education, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Government, Health Care & Medical, Hospitality, Manufacturing, News Agency, Non-Profit, Real Estate, Sports & Entertainment, Technology, Transportation, Wellness & Fitnes
Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Website Design, Mobile App Design

Design System For Your Printed Book or Magazine

Creative Collaboration Inside a Fully Managed Design Process

Creative Director

Your Creative Director is your single point of contact, managing Creatives around-the-clock for quality Presentation & Publication service.
Your Creative Director is your single point of contact, managing Creatives around-the-clock and ensuring consistent quality.

Top 3% of Creatives

No more time zone frustrations or language barriers thanks to a vetted, US-based creative team specializing in Presentation & Publication.
No more time zone frustrations or language barrier thanks to a vetted US-Based creative services team.

Five-Star Quality

Designated Creative Directors control each aspect of the Presentation & Publication process to ensure the deliverables are polished.
Each creative is vetted into our US-based network, specializing in a variety of design and marketing domains.

Fast Turnaround

The only tech-enabled creative platform that creates efficiency in Presentation & Publication process to guarantee your deadlines.
The only tech-enabled platform that guarantees transparent timelines and efficient turnaround times.

One-Stop Shop

Unlimited project requests and revisions for Presentation Template, Pitch or Sales Deck, PowerPoint, Book or Magazine, and many more.
80+ design and marketing categories with unlimited project requests and revisions.

Flexible Pricing

Cost-effective monthly plans with no long-term commitment and 70% cheaper than hiring traditional Presentation & Publication agencies.
Cost effective month-to-month plans with no long-term commitment.
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A Better Printed Book or Magazine Platform

Affordable & High-Quality Design & Marketing Services

Logo graphic for Designity at the head of a table showing how we are different from Freelancers, In-House Design teams, and traditional creative agencies.


Creative Team

Top 3% US creatives

Creative Director

Yes! Quality-assured CD

Avg Monthly Cost

$3,500 for a dynamic team

Up to 4-Week Trial

Yes! No payment needed
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Creative Team

Unvetted offshore freelancers

Creative Director

No! You handle it all

Avg Monthly Cost

Cheaper for a reason

Up to 4-Week Trial

No trials offered!
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Creative Team

Limited-skill creatives

Creative Director

Maybe! If you can afford

Avg Monthly Cost

$7,000 per month

Up to 4-Week Trial

No trials offered!
A red X image, showing that in-house teams cannot operate with the flexibility and consistent quality that Designity offers.


Creative Team

Typically offshore outsourcing

Creative Director

Yes! Costly though

Avg Monthly Cost


Up to 4-Week Trial

No trials offered!
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Let's Chat About Your Printed Book or Magazine Goals.

Book a demonstration call to see:

  • How Designity’s tech-enabled platform accelerates Printed Book or Magazine projects at scale.
  • The differences between Designity’s model, in-house team hires, freelance marketplaces, and traditional design agencies.
  • If having a Creative Director as a single point of contact could decrease your admin load and provide higher quality.

Printed Book or Magazine Tutorials

Fresh From the Designity Blog

Printed Book or Magazine Best Practices and Tips

Your Creative Director is your single point of contact, managing Creatives around-the-clock and ensuring consistent quality.

No more time zone frustrations or language barrier thanks to a vetted US-Based creative services team.

Each creative is vetted into our US-based network, specializing in a variety of design and marketing domains.
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Why should I use Designity for printed book or magazine design services?

Designity provides you with a dedicated expert as your single point of contact, allowing you to leverage the expertise of the top 3% of vetted US-based designers and copywriters without the hassle of managing a team.

When it comes to designing printed books or magazines, it's crucial that they align seamlessly with your content and publishing goals. This is where Designity excels. We take care of the quality control while our creative services team enhances your printed materials, ensuring they are visually captivating and contribute to your overall success.

What types of print material services are available on Designity’s platform?

Designity offers a comprehensive range of design services, including printed book and magazine design. Our US-based experts collaborate closely with you to craft visually captivating and professionally formatted printed materials that align seamlessly with your content and publication goals. With a dedicated expert as your point of contact, you can access top-tier design without the hassle of managing a team. We handle quality control, ensuring your printed books and magazines are not only aesthetically pleasing but also effectively convey your message. This allows you to efficiently enhance your print publications for maximum impact and reader engagement.

For additional presentation design needs, you can explore other services within Presentation & Publication, which include:

  • Presentation Template: Customizable templates that suit your style, so you can effortlessly dazzle your audience with your ideas!
  • Pitch / Sales / Slide Deck: It’s showtime! We craft jaw-dropping slide decks that’ll have your clients nodding "yes!" 
  • PowerPoint or Keynote or Google Slides: Looking to impress the boardroom bigwigs? We’ll help you whip up a presentation that oozes professionalism and has everyone giving you a standing ovation (metaphorically, of course)!
  • Report, case study, and white paper: Let’s make your data sing! We’ll design a visually stunning report that’ll turn those numbers into a captivating story.
  • eBook Design & Creation: Through expert design and wordsmithing, we can turn your digital book into a page-turner that keeps ’em hooked!
How much does it cost to design and prepare a book or magazine for print?

For printed book or magazine design services, pricing can be influenced by factors such as book length, design complexity, and the number of pages. Freelance designers may quote hourly rates between $50 and $150 or package rates ranging from $600 to $2,500 to bring your ideas to life in print. At Designity, we provide transparent pricing and flexible monthly plans starting at $3,150, ensuring you receive top-tier Presentation & Publication services with the added benefit of professional expertise.

How long does it take to create and design a book or magazine?

The timeline for designing captivating printed books or magazines can vary depending on factors such as existing assets, industry specifics, and project complexity. Typically, you can expect a project to be completed in as little as two weeks or up to three months.

Your Designity Creative Director will initiate a kick-off meeting to clarify project details and timelines. Within 24 hours after the meeting, you'll receive a transparent timeline for your project. To expedite the process, you can gather essential assets, including content, brand guidelines, images, and a clear understanding of the message you want to convey in the printed book or magazine. If you need assistance with any of these elements, you can include them in your project scope, and your Designity Creative Director will ensure they are addressed.

What is the process of designing and creating printed books or magazines?

The process of crafting captivating printed books or magazines can vary in duration, depending on the extent of revisions to existing materials or the creation of entirely new printed publications. On Designity’s platform, your Creative Director will guide you through the key elements of your project, as follows:

  1. 60-min. Strategy Session: This initial meeting serves as the cornerstone of your project. Clients and designers collaborate to define objectives, target audiences, and the overall vision. Think of it as a conversation that sets the stage for your printed publication.
  2. Cover Design: First impressions matter. The cover design establishes the publication's tone and provides a visual introduction to your readers.
  3. Layout Creation: This phase involves planning the structure of your publication, much like an architectural blueprint. It ensures content flows logically and is visually appealing.
  4. Visual Assets Sourcing: Similar to selecting the perfect illustrations for a story, this step focuses on finding or creating visuals that enhance your content.
  5. Content Insertion & Formatting: This stage resembles piecing together a complex puzzle. Content is strategically placed and formatted according to design guidelines for clarity and readability.
  6. Masthead Design: If applicable, the masthead design (common in magazines and newspapers) is created. It's akin to your brand's signature, instantly recognizable.
  7. Resizing for Different Print Formats: Ensuring your design adapts seamlessly to various printed formats, from standard-sized books to glossy magazines.
  8. Print Optimization (Color Matching, Paper Selection, etc.): This step ensures that the design transitions beautifully into print, with precise color matching and paper selection.
  9. Print File Creation: Just before printing, all files are meticulously prepared and aligned with the printer's specifications to ensure a flawless print job.

In essence, the process of designing and creating Printed Books or Magazines is a finely orchestrated journey that transforms ideas into tangible publications, ready to captivate and inform your audience. It combines creative finesse with technical expertise to deliver effective communication.

If you're wondering if Designity is the right choice for this task, our clients believe we are. Designity's collaborative platform connects businesses with the top 3% of vetted US-based Creatives, with a dedicated Creative Director as your single point of contact. We employ automation and systems for efficiency, maintain quality through a dedicated assurance team, and offer straightforward pricing akin to a subscription rather than a convoluted contract. So yes, we've got your Printed Books and Magazines design and creation covered.

What are the key elements of effective printed book or magazine design?

Creating impactful printed book or magazine designs involves considering several crucial elements. Clarity is paramount, ensuring your message is conveyed with precision and readability. Consistency is key, maintaining a uniform visual identity throughout your publication. Authenticity aligns the design with your brand's essence, adding credibility to your content. Relevance tailors your material to resonate with your target audience. Lastly, incorporating creativity injects a unique flair that sets your printed book or magazine apart and makes it visually appealing.

About printed book or magazine design services: These services excel at transforming raw content into visually captivating publications. They possess the expertise to make even complex topics engaging. Whether it's crafting a compelling book cover or designing an eye-catching magazine layout, these design services act as catalysts, ensuring your content captivates your readers, whether they are book enthusiasts or magazine subscribers. They are the content's transformation artists, ready to elevate it to the next level and create a lasting impression.

What are the best tools for designing a printed book or magazine?

Designing an effective printed book or magazine often requires specific tools. Adobe InDesign is a top choice for multi-page design assets, renowned for its ability to export vector assets, format text flawlessly, and handle high-quality bitmap visuals. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are also valuable for addressing specific design needs.

On the modern front, Figma has gained popularity due to its vector capabilities and collaborative features, making it an appealing option for printed publication design.

When crafting printed books or magazines, it's often advantageous to design directly within the final output application, whether that's Adobe InDesign for print publications or other software tailored for book layout. Each platform has its design limitations, so the workflow typically involves creating low-fidelity designs in Figma and then refining the final printed publication within the chosen application.

How do well-designed printed books and magazines impact marketing?

Printed book or magazine design plays a significant role within marketing strategies, offering a tangible and engaging means of communication. Whether utilized for brand publications, industry journals, or promotional materials, well-designed printed books or magazines capture the audience's attention, facilitating an immersive exploration of content. This tangible approach empowers marketers to effectively convey information, thought leadership, and brand narratives, often leading to enhanced brand loyalty and credibility. The incorporation of visually appealing layouts, graphics, and high-quality printing within these publications elevates the audience's reading experience, reinforcing brand messages and creating a lasting brand impression.

The main purpose of printed book or magazine design is to provide a tangible and visually appealing medium for effectively communicating comprehensive information, insights, or brand stories to an audience. They enhance brand visibility, reinforce messaging, and ensure a memorable reading experience, making it easier to deliver impactful and enduring printed materials.

How can I find an affordable artist to design my printed books and magazines?

Look no further, you're in the right place! Alternatively, you can explore cost-effective freelancers on online platforms. However, these alternatives might have drawbacks – they might excel in one aspect or lack expertise in others. This could lead to extra time spent managing freelancers and ensuring quality. Clear pricing and flexible plans offer high-quality Printed Book or Magazine services that match your budget.

How do I find a local designer for printed book or magazine design?

Initiating search engine queries like “printed book designer near me” or “magazine designer near me” may yield options, but the quality can be inconsistent. Designity’s platform offers a more reliable solution by exclusively curating and verifying US-based Creatives. This ensures access to top-tier designers for printed books or magazines from across the nation, regardless of your location.

What is the future of printed books and magazines design?

In an era of advancing technology and an unrelenting demand for visually captivating content, designers are redefining traditional printed books and magazines, infusing them with interactive, immersive elements. Bid farewell to static publications; the future envisions innovations like augmented reality integration, virtual reality enhancements, and printed materials that seamlessly engage the audience. If you thought you had experienced the zenith of printed design, prepare for what lies ahead! The future of Printed Book or Magazine design is akin to a dazzling show in the world of publishing – innovative, thrilling, and bound to leave an indelible mark.

How is AI impacting or changing how printed books and magazines are designed?

AI is revolutionizing the world of Printed Book or Magazine design, propelling it into the future. Machine learning algorithms now play a role in suggesting layout arrangements, intelligently organizing content, and even recommending design elements based on content context. Imagine a scenario where your computer collaborates with you to create printed materials that resonate perfectly with your audience's preferences!

Furthermore, AI-powered data analysis can transform raw data into visually engaging graphs and charts, simplifying the communication of complex information. The automation of repetitive design tasks empowers human designers to focus on creative and innovative aspects. AI serves as a driving force for designers, providing the extra impetus needed to turn routine tasks into extraordinary visual experiences. This isn't just an enhancement of the design process; it's a paradigm shift in how we convey concepts and information.

What services do printed book or magazine designers offer?

Printed book or magazine designers offer an extensive range of services, including designing eye-catching covers, structuring content for readability, incorporating captivating visuals, and ensuring professional formatting for print. Whether you're publishing a book or magazine, these designers will transform your content into a visually appealing and professionally crafted publication. It's like giving your printed materials a polished and attractive makeover!