Motion Graphic & Video for Aspire



Get ready for a thrilling adventure with our incredible project for Aspire, "AI-Mazing AdVentures: The Animation Odyssey." Witness American families as they embark on an emotional journey captured in high-quality claymation-style storyboards. Our cutting-edge SEO & Content Marketing campaign uses AI-powered content generation to unlock the magic of storytelling. With ChatGPT's expert assistance, we create the perfect prompts for each scene, ensuring that every moment is visually stunning and evokes genuine emotions. Our brainstorming sessions are nothing short of amazing, generating over 80 unique concepts for each story element. The result is a brand narrative that captivates and resonates with our target audience, forging lasting connections. Our team meticulously crafts each frame of the storyboard, expertly leveraging scene development to bring depth and authenticity to every moment. With parallax effects, we bring static images to life, engaging viewers on a whole new level. Using Adobe After Effects, we masterfully puppet characters, employing the art of nature rigging to animate their movements and expressions, adding dynamism and interactivity to capture the essence of the story and leave a lasting impression. "AI-Mazing AdVentures" is not just an animated deliverable; it's an enchanting experience that celebrates the power of love, togetherness, and the joy of creating cherished memories. Get ready to embark on a joyful adventure that touches hearts and leaves a lasting impact.

Creative Director

Motion Graphic & Video for Aspire
Pooyan A.
12+ Years
UX/UI, Branding & Logo Design, Website Design, Video Production, and Illustrations


Scope of Work
Moodboard, Campaign Narrative, Prompt Generation, Scene Ideation, Style Finding, Storyboarding, Animation Production, Character Rigging, Parallax Effects, Sound Effects, Resizing
Involved Creatives

Oscar P. | Orlando, FL | Motion & 3D Design

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
6 Weeks