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LA Creative Agencies You Won’t Want to Miss

April 17, 2024
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If you’re a brand in the City of Angels and in need of some creative marketing collateral, then you’ve got some choices to make.

You can try to go with freelance talent.

But that requires taking time out of your day to source and manage your freelancers for each and every project you need completed. Or you can go the route that most take and hit up a creative agency in the LA area instead.

The only thing about that is … how do you choose the right creative agency for you?

Say no more, friend. Today’s blog is here to be your guide!

Today, we’re bringing you a rundown of the best 30 creative agencies in Los Angeles so you can see what they have to offer and decide which best meets your creative marketing needs!

How Were These LA Creative Agencies Chosen?

Before we get started, please know that the following agencies on our list were chosen based on a number of different factors.

During our research, we made sure to pay careful attention to the following:

  • Time in business — A business that has been around for a while is a business that is doing things right.
  • Record of success — An agency’s history of delivering successful outcomes for their clients.
  • Clientbase — The size, credibility, and diversity of the agency's client list.
  • Online Reputation — Sites like Google Business and Clutch are platforms that rank service providers, firms, and agencies across a wide variety of metrics (including the ones we’ve listed above). High rankings on online feedback sites are a serious indicator of credibility, reliability, and quality of service!

This means that we can guarantee that these LA area creative agencies are the real deal!

The Top 30 Creative Agencies in LA

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Here is our list of the top 30 creative agencies that Los Angeles has to offer, alphabetized for your convenience!

Take a peek at what each agency can bring to your brand, have a look at their website, and see if you can find the right fit for you!

1. Bastion Agency

Logo for Bastion, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2008

Bastion is “an integrated, full-service marketing and communications agency” founded in Australia with offices now in NYC and Los Angeles.

If a communications partner is what you need, then Bastion has what you’re looking for. Their team can handle everything from social media management to data analytics, digital advertising, app and content production, and public relations to get you the visibility your brand deserves!

Pricing: Pricing starts at $5,000 a project. Reach out to the Bastion team to talk about your goals and receive a customized quote for services!

2. Blend

Logo for blend., from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2015

Blend is a creative agency that specializes in both video production and creating successful video strategies for your business.

Whether you’re in need of a creative brief, a network TV commercial, or help with storyboarding a video script, the experts at Blend can give you what you need to deliver your video content and stand out from the competition.

Pricing: Blend operates on a per-project basis with minimum pricing starting at $10,000. Contact Blend with your needs to get a quote for the video project you need completed!

“They had a great attitude — they were a fantastic partner who was enjoyable to work with. Furthermore, the team was committed to delivering high-quality work and went above and beyond what was necessary.”

3. Bold + Beyond

Logo for Bold+Beyond, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2010

Bold + Beyond is a consulting and digital creative agency in sunny Beverly Hills that prides itself on “combining 50% business consultants with 50% creatives to help the most influential brands launch and scale their businesses.”

If your company is in need of branding, UX optimization, web or mobile app development, or social media or growth marketing strategies, then Bold + Beyond has you covered.

Pricing: Due to the customized nature of their work, you’ll need to contact Bold + Beyond directly to tell them about your marketing needs and get a quote.

“Amazing insights and very creative!”

4. Caveat

Logo for Caveat, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2019

If you’re looking for a creative agency to help you with film and media strategy, then say hello to Caveat!

This “hybrid creative studio turned brand incubator” specializes in influencer marketing, production strategy, creative content, and more to tell your brand's story and help make you look good!

Pricing: Caveat takes on large-scale projects, so pricing starts at $50,000. Reach out to Caveat to tell them your needs and get a customized quote for film and media services.

5. Darkroom

Logo for Darkroom, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2018

Darkroom is a “vertically integrated digital agency pioneering the next generation of consumer-facing brands.”

With cadet brands, Darkroom Labs, Darkroom Digital, Darkroom Capital, Darkroom Studio, and DarkMatter to meet all your needs, Darkroom is a full-service agency that gives you all the resources you need to build a strong brand identity and create the digital products and marketing strategies to make it successful.

Pricing: Darkroom charges based on project type, with pricing for Paid Media Management starting at $9,500 a month and Growth Strategy starting at $8,000 a month. 

6. Designity

Logo for Designity, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2015

Though Designity is the only entry on this list that isn’t founded in LA, it’s just as accessible to anyone living there (or any other city!).

This is because Designity is a 100% fully-remote Creative as a Service platform that offers businesses of all sizes a way to outsource their creative marketing collateral for much less than than other traditional design agencies.

Designity can offer your brand a huge scope of services, including graphic design, social media and digital ads, copy and content writing, motion graphics and video, web design and development, marketing audit and strategy, and so much more. 

In addition to 100+ services, Designity also provides a designated Creative Director to act as your single point of contact, manage and source your creative team, and make sure that all of your assets are delivered on time and of the highest quality

Pricing: Designity has three flat, subscription pricing plans starting at $3,495. This includes unlimited revisions, a creative team that rotates based on your needs, and guaranteed timelines.

“The Designity team is phenomenal. By far, their expertise, communication, and level of work exceeds any other agency I’ve worked with before.”

7. Dragon Horse Agency

Logo for Bastion, from Dragon Horse Agency, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2015

Dragon Horse Agency is a business marketing service whose goal is to work with the companies who are “dedicated to reaching new levels of growth.”

With offices in not just LA, but in Naples, Florida and Milan, Italy as well, Dragon Horse Agency is there for businesses all over to assist with marketing and advertising, IT and cybersecurity, graphic design, video marketing, and more!

Pricing: Reach out to Dragon Horse Agency for a customized quote for the services you need!

“Dragon Horse is a stand-out agency, who not only execute well, but invest time in understanding our business and taking a strategic approach to marketing. They are excellent at everything from digital marketing (via social and website) to more traditional channels including print media, publications and events: a true partnership.”

8. Dreamentia Creative Labs, INC.

Logo for Dreamentia, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2006

Dreamentia is a marketing and advertising agency (with offices in Boston and LA) that prides itself on logical and strategy-driven creativity to get your brand the results it’s looking for.

Whether you need digital products or offline services like radio or print, you can count on Dreamentia for a variety of marketing services, including branding, digital marketing, web design, packaging, graphic design, and more.

Pricing: Minimum pricing starts at $5,000, but in order to receive a customized quote, just contact Dreamentia and tell them what you need!

9. Dunclyde

Logo for Dunclyde, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2018

Located in Culver City, Dunclyde specializes in working with “ambitious business owners to help them change the world with their brands.”

If your LA area company is in serious need of branding assistance and interactive websites that drive traffic and make an impact, then Dunclyde may be the creative agency for you!

Pricing: Pricing depends on the complexity of your needs, so reach out to Dunclyde to get a quote!

“Dunclyde is more than a website design agency… it is a personal, creative experience delivered by some of the most talented, accommodating and outstanding professionals in the business. With Dunclyde, your business will present itself in its best light thanks to this truly amazing and hardworking team.”

10. Eyestorm Creative

Logo for Eyestorm Creative, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2005

Eyestorm Creative is an award-winning entertainment and tech advertising agency that specializes in building brand awareness, acquiring new users, creating engagement, and delivering ROI for your business.

With a wide range of services including, marketing strategy, broadcast video, mobile app marketing, AR/VR development, and video production, Eyestorm Creative has what you need to take your tech or entertainment brand to the next level!

Pricing: Eyestorm Creative handles comprehensive projects, so minimum pricing starts at $100,000. Contact Eyestorm Creative to talk about your goals and get a quote.

11. FastRock

Logo for FastRock, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2014

With offices in Los Angeles and New York, FastRock is a full-service, hybrid consultancy that has you covered on both coasts to deliver marketing campaigns that make sure your “message meets your target audience in unforgettable ways.”

If your brand is looking to grow, then FastRock has the strategy, campaign ideation, social media, digital ads, copywriting, and creative advertising solutions to help you do it.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $10,000, but you can reach out to FastRock for a personalized quote!

“They are nimble and really accommodating in terms of meeting our deadlines.”

12. Flux Branding

Logo for Flux Branding, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2001

Billing themselves as a “brand transformation studio” Flux Branding uses their IDEA method to help them “discover their brand’s story and tailor an informed strategy that delivers your message.”

Serving a variety of different industries, Flux Branding is the place to go to create, renew, and reveal your brand identity to help you tell your unique story!

Pricing: Minimum pricing starts at $25,000 for extensive branding and creative services. Reach out to Flux Branding for a personalized quote to get your brand identity in gear!

“Flux Branding is the best company you'll find in LA. They do more than just artwork; they help flesh your idea out to life, giving you a clear understanding of your product backwards and forwards.”

13. Hammer Creative

Logo for Hammer Creative, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 1988

If you’re a video game brand looking to make its mark, then Hammer Creative might be the place for you.

Offering everything from market and creative strategy to visual identity systems, motion graphics, and game production and capture, Hammer Creative is a creative agency and production studio that acts as a one-stop shop for creating powerful campaigns that get your games to the top of the market!

Pricing: Contact Hammer Creative for your needs to get a personalized quote for services!

14. HAUS

Logo for HAUS, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2008

A self-proclaimed “maker of things,” HAUS is a full-service creative agency that “blends technology, strategy, design and content to elevate brands in the digital space.”

Whether your brand needs the guidance of marketing strategy, web development and CMS integration, valuable content, or branding, motion design, and creative direction, HAUS has the capabilities you need to craft a winning brand identity and digital marketing campaign!

Pricing: Minimum pricing starts at $5,000. Contact HAUS to request a personalized quote for services.

15. Hawke Media

Logo for Hawke Media, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2013

Hawke Media is a full-service AI-enabled, tech-integrated marketing powerhouse, ready to elevate your brand to new heights.

Operating on the idea that every brand needs a CMO-level expert for their marketing, they use customized and data-driven solutions to help your brand launch and scale your business with a wide variety of services, including web design, marketing strategy, media buying, affiliate marketing, Amazon services, branding, social media, and photo and video production.

Pricing: Minimum pricing starts at $5,000. Contact HAUS to request a personalized quote for services.

"I didn’t hire them for digital marketing, but Hawke Media planted seeds of digital marketing strategy in my website." 

16. Hollywood Branded

Logo for Hollywood Branded, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2007

Hollywood Branded is an influencer and entertainment marketing agency who work hard to help your brand gain exposure and engagement through valuable and targeted content.

If it’s exposure and visibility you need, then turn to Hollywood Branded to help you navigate the unique Hollywood landscape and forge the kind of partnerships that help you shine!

Pricing: Branding and partnerships vary based on your company and needs, so reach out to Hollywood Branded for a customized quote!

17. Ignition Creative

Logo for Ignition Creative, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2003

If you’re in the film industry, you’d be in good company by letting Ignition Creative handle your marketing campaign and film promotion.

With offices in LA as well as in London, Ignition Creative has made a name for itself by creating innovative campaigns, providing everything from strategic marketing to video production services for trailers and teasers to drum up hype for your film!

Pricing: Marketing campaigns vary by complexity and services required. Reach out for a personalized quote!

18. Isadora Agency

Logo for Isadora Agency, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2009

If you’re looking for a full-service solution for web design and development, brand building, and digital marketing, you may want to check out Isadora Agency.

Whether you have an eCommerce site you want to build, need packaging design for your latest product, or have a mobile app that needs to come to market, Isadora Agency promises quality, dramatic results.

Pricing: Isadora Agency takes on big projects, so pricing starts at $75,000 for extensive website and marketing services.

"They listened to our needs, addressed any questions quickly yet thoroughly, and made great recommendations."

19. Liquid Advertising

Logo for Liquid Advertising, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2000

Liquid Advertising is a full-service marketing agency founded by industry veterans and dedicated to creating cutting-edge integrated digital marketing campaigns for brands, especially those in the gaming demographic.

Whether you need marketing strategy development, a partnership to media valuations, or assistance with global media buying and optimization, Liquid Advertising can help you get it done.

Pricing: Reach out to Liquid Advertising for a personalized quote!

“I truly am glad to finally have the time to sit down and write a review about my first-hand experience with Liquid Advertising. I've engaged with Liquid Advertising for over a year now, and have had nothing but a very positive experience. I can honestly say that I can sleep better at night knowing that I have this agency in my corner. From Creative to Media, these teams are on point! I would have no hesitation to recommend them.”

20. LO:LA

Logo for LO:LA, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2017

LO:LA (short for London: Los Angeles) is your comprehensive marketing team who want you to know that your branding is your ultimate competitive edge.

Their mission is to provide you with high-quality marketing services, including brand development, UX/UI design, web and app development, and content creation (copywriting, photography, video production, and more) to help your brand define itself and effectively tell its story!

Pricing: Contact LO:LA for a quote for comprehensive marketing services.

21. Orci

Logo for Orci, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 1986

For almost 40 years, Orci has been “creating marketing that matters and, in turn, inspire action that matters.”

Dedicated to connecting brands to the hearts of Latino consumers, this 100% minority-owned creative agency offers your brand multicultural and multilingual strategy, advertising, video, social media management, and content development in multiple languages.

Pricing: Reach out to say hello or hola, talk to Orci about your needs, and they can work on pricing with you.

22. Paradise Creative

Logo for Paradise Creative, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2016

Paradise Creative is a creative agency that specializes in entertainment marketing and believes that “bold, daring ideas never go out of style.”

If you’re in the entertainment industry and need high-quality video production for anything from theatrical trailers to home entertainment spots, broadcast TV commercials, or just reels for social media, Paradise Creative has the capacity to get you where you need to be.

Pricing: Every brand varies and so do their needs! Contact Paradise Creative for a quote.

23. Ralph

Logo for Ralph, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2005

Ralph is a marketing agency with offices in LA, NYC, London, and Tokyo. With a promise to “make stuff people love and share,” Ralph is where you want to go to get your brand out there.

Whether you need traditional branding and advertising, video production, social media marketing, influencer marketing, or anything else, Ralph has the creative team, social squad, and strategies to “spread the good word about your brand.”

Pricing: Minimum pricing starts at $5,000. Reach out to Ralph and request a quote!

24. Rival | LA

Logo for Rival|LA, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2014

A “mighty little design studio in the heart of Los Angeles,” Rival | LA’s goal is to help your brand create the kind of meaningful design, in any medium, to help you express yourself and stand out in a crowd.

So, whether that means branding and identity for you, design strategy, logo design, motion graphics, event design, or just defining your brand voice and tone, count on Rival | LA to sit with you, research your goals, imagine your strategy, and help you put it into action.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $5,000. Reach out to Rival LA for a custom quote for services!

25. Signature Creative 

Logo for Signature Creative, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2004

Signature Creative is a premiere digital and design agency dedicated to providing creative technology solutions to your brand’s needs.

Through connection, collaboration, innovation, and experience, Signature Creative can help you with everything from brand and identity design to UX/UI, web design and development, custom software, AR/VR, and more!

Pricing: Pricing starts at $25,000. Reach out to Signature Creative for a custom quote for services!

“Signature provides a consistently high level of excellence particularly in design but also across a wide range of disciplines necessary for brand development and digital presence. Their truly interdisciplinary approach means they can produce holistic digital experiences from tip to tail fast and efficiently. I have used them frequently for a variety of startup ventures as well as referred many of my clients to them with excellent results. Look no further, you have found your agency.”

26. SmallGiant

Logo for SmallGiant, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2016

If you’re looking for a solutions-first marketing agency for your startup or growing company, then SmallGiant might be a big opportunity for you.

Built to “fix marketing problems, and create opportunities as quickly as possible,” SmallGiant is there to help you not only build a winning marketing strategy, but to bring it to life with custom content, web and print materials, direct response email marketing campaigns, digital products, and video production.

Pricing: Everyone’s marketing needs are different, so contact SmallGiant to request a personalized quote for the services you need!

“They reaffirmed that we made the right decisions, and their approach met all our requirements.”

27. Stink Studios

Logo for Stink Studios, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2009

Stink Studios is a “creative advertising agency and digital experience company that moves fluidly between brand and digital customer experience.”

Operating under the firm belief that creativity and execution go hand in hand, count on Stink Studios to help your brand implement creative and memorable marketing campaigns, create film, interactive content, and original content for brands in the advertising, entertainment, music, and art industries.

Pricing: Minimum pricing starts at $50,000, but everyone’s digital needs are different. Reach out to Stink for a customized quote!

28. Supercool Creative Agency & Video Production Company

Logo for Supercool Creative Agency, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2004

In need of video ads, TV spots, product videos, game trailers, crowdfunding videos, or brand videos?

Supercool thinks that’s … super cool.

Whether you’re a big-name brand or a startup looking to make its mark, Supercool is a creative agency plus video production company that can write and produce the digital and video content you need to succeed.

Pricing: Pricing varies by the scope of your project and the deliverables you need, so reach out to Supercool for a quote!

“Very responsive, very efficient, incredibly easy to work with, and we've gotten great results!”

29. TMA (The Marketing Arm)

Logo for TMA, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 1993

TMA is a dynamic creative agency that “connects the dots that others don’t see” to help make your brand part of culture.

Through their unique Cultural Resonance pillars, TMA helps your brand stand out and get noticed by connecting you to the right influencers and promoters, and building out effective strategies for your branding, events, social media, content, and more!

Pricing: Reach out to TMA for a personalized quote for the marketing services you need!

30. Umbrella Los Angeles

Logo for Umbrella Los Angeles, from Designity blog on the top creative agencies in LA.

Founded: 2016

Umbrella is a full-service creative digital agency that “services highly ambitious brands that want to elevate their visual content, branding, and digital marketing strategies across the most relevant platforms.”

If your brand is looking for social media marketing strategies, brand development, the right influencer relations, and the kind content that gets you noticed, then Umbrella is ready to help mold you into a brand “that people want to hear more about.”

Pricing: Reach out to Umbrella Los Angeles for a personalized quote for the marketing services you need!

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Having Some Trouble Deciding?

That’s a lot of information to digest, we know.

So, if you’re having trouble deciding which of those LA area creative agencies is the right choice for you, perhaps we can help you narrow it down.

Did you know that Designity is made up of the top 3% of all of the thousands of creatives that apply each year? What this means is that whether you need graphic design, copywriting, web design and development, mobile app design, motion graphics, branding, strategy, or anything else for your marketing efforts, you can always count on having the best of the best working on your projects.

Did we mention that you’ll also have the benefit of a designated Creative Director to act as your single point of contact, source and manage your creative team, and make sure that all of your deliverables are on time and of the highest quality?

Because you will.

And the best part?

If you want to partner up with Designity, it doesn’t matter where you live.

Whether LA is where you call home or New York, Chicago, or anywhere else in the world, Designity’s fully remote platform makes us local to everyone, regardless of zip code.

Why not check out our portfolio and our huge range of services to see how our innovative Creative as a Service platform can be the answer to your marketing needs?

Then check out our three cost-effective subscription pricing plans to see how you can get the answer to your marketing needs without obliterating your budget, signing lengthy contracts, or paying expensive retainers.

Ready to give Designity a try? Go ahead and click here to book your demo call and get started with your two-week, no-obligation trial so you can see how Designity is exactly the marketing answer you’ve been dreaming of.

Are you ready for a creative agency that gives you everything you need?

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