Website Design & Coding for Venuelytics



Custom Website Design & Coding doesn't just start and end with coding. Venuelytics was on the market for not only an attractive platform but one that was high-quality in development and organization. After a complete wireframe run, Alicia tackled each page with care and attention to detail. And with the help of quality visuals, the homepage was just a sneak peek into this project's craftsmanship.

Creative Director

Website Design & Coding for Venuelytics
Alicia C.
New Hampshire
14 + Years
Entertainment, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods & more


Scope of Work
Wireframing, Website Design & Coding, website development, coding, programming
Involved Creatives

Peter B. | South Carolina | Web Designer/Developer

Ashley P. | New York | Copywriter

Lisa K. | California | Graphic Designer

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
6 Weeks