Website Design & Coding for Evolve



Working from the ground up, Collins was tasked with crafting a brand new Website Design & Coding, including all of its content. Looking to visually communicate their brand while still keeping it modern, Evolve got the website they had hoped for. Fully responsive thanks to multiple runs with wireframing options, its custom code met its goal to gather a fully responsive and engaging platform.

Creative Director

Website Design & Coding for Evolve
Collins B.
15+ years
Website Design, Graphic Design, Digital Advertising


Scope of Work
Wireframing, content creation, Website Design & Coding, website development
Involved Creatives

Sarah G. | Chicago | Senior | UXUI Designer

Ashton N. | South Carolina | Emerging | Graphic Designer

Shuhan Y. | Washington | Senior | WordPress Developer

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
6 Weeks