Marketing Collateral for Geoforce



Geoforce recently went through a rebrand. They had an imminent website launch, and wanted to include a full set of 13 spec sheets into it. Armed with a style guide and some old spec sheets, our talented designer accepted the challenge of rebranding the spec sheets before the website launch. What seemed like an impossible task, was executed at an incredible speed, and with razor-sharp precision, minimizing the amount of revisions to a handful. We were even able to design a few missing icons, gaining an extra few brownie points.

Creative Director

Marketing Collateral for Geoforce
Ruggero V.
15+ Years
Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Video Production


Scope of Work
Design Concept Creation, Print File Creation, Resizing Designs for Different Formats
Involved Creatives

Fei Z. | Boston | Graphic Designer

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
1.5 Weeks