Social Media & Digital Ads for Spark Education



Spark Education was looking to establish itself in a new market and required a more visually consistent look with their social media to match their recent rebranding. Designity saw the existing genius in their new look and breathed life into it by expanding their social media presence with refreshing social media assets that played into their fun, whimsical and education atmosphere. With an added cherry on top, we designed custom teacher cards to act as a means to introduce educators in their social media as well as designing an e-newsletter template.

Creative Director

Social Media & Digital Ads for Spark Education
Collins B.
15+ years
Website Design, Graphic Design, Digital Advertising


Scope of Work
Moodboards, Preliminary Concepts, Refinements, Social Asset Design, E-Newsletter Template Design
Involved Creatives

Meghan W. | New York | Graphic Design

Kaige Z. | New York | Web Design

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
2 Weeks