Social Media & Digital Ads for Cardlytics



Cardlytics needed a series of social media ads that could be posted in anticipation of the Money 20/20 conference they attend regularly. Considering the Las Vegas setting, we were able to convince the client of a visual approach that could allow us to step outside of the lines slightly and create something in the aesthetic of Vegas but still within the guardrails of the brand guide. With a hint of themed illustration and enhancing their existing color palette with some added vibrance, the final result was fit for the occasion.

Creative Director

Social Media & Digital Ads for Cardlytics
Matthew W.
New York
10+ Years
Graphic Design & Illustration, Content & Copywriting, Video Production


Scope of Work
Illustration, Research & Analysis, Stock Image Curation, Composition & Layout
Involved Creatives

Nicolle G. | Phoenix, AZ | Graphic Design, Illustration, Print, Digital, & Packaging

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
2 Weeks