Marketing Collateral for Kung Fu Tea



It's no surprise that Kung Fu Tea is one major pioneer of bubble tea. With an international hand in the industry, it's also not surprising that they needed a modern approach to their Marketing Collateral. After mood boards, sketches, and test applications, Alicia was able to present high-quality concepts that all seemed on brand. The final result was one that exceeded expectations, and that is still used today.

Creative Director

Marketing Collateral for Kung Fu Tea
Alicia C.
New Hampshire
14 + Years
Entertainment, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods & more


Scope of Work
Moodboard, Illustration Design, Presentation Design, Cup Desig
Involved Creatives

Ashley P. | New York | Copywriter

Jingting L. | California | Graphic Designer

Project Duration
1 Week