Partzilla Brand Guide for Outdoor Network



Outdoor Network approached our team needing a full brand guide developed. They needed everything from research to moodboards to print-ready design. Our team created the guide every step of the way. Partzilla caters to a diverse audience, and product portfolio, and plays host to a wide range of different brands. One of the challenges our team had to face was how to bring all of that together in a cohesive, understandable, and engaging way. The team succeeded and the guide is now the go-to for all things Partzilla branding and design.

Creative Director

Partzilla Brand Guide for Outdoor Network


Scope of Work
Research, Moodboard, Wireframes, Design, Color and Font Selection, Brand Development, Print Design
Involved Creatives

Sarah G. | Oklahoma | Graphic Designer

Ashton N. | South Carolina | Graphic Designer

Plan type
Project Duration
5 weeks