Packaging & Labels for GO SMILE



Like smiles, brands could use a refresh too. With hopes to reimagine their brand's product packaging and label design, GO SMILE was ready for a change. Launching their Sonic Blue Smart Brush, the design was going to need more than a modern approach. After exploring various concepts and combinations of copy, design, and placement, the result was one that surely stood bright on the shelves.

Creative Director

Packaging & Labels for GO SMILE
Alicia C.
New Hampshire
14 + Years
Entertainment, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods & more


Scope of Work
Moodboard, sample mocks of the products line on shelf (front of boxes), sample full box designs with variation of content layout and color palettes
Involved Creatives

Sarah G. | Chicago | Graphic Design

Becca L. | Illinois | Graphic Design

Project Duration
4 Weeks