Motion Graphic & Video for Flooret



Flooret was looking to produce a commercial for network television but needed shot by shot ideas on the story that needed to be told. With our expertise, we did research on inspiration that could be used capture the tone of the commercial and created photography storyboard to capture a lo-fi ideas and then further hone those ideas with a nuanced, illustrated storyboard. Combined with a detailed brand guide, we formed a complete production deck for Flooret to pitch to a production company that would create a live action commercial of our crafted story to be televised.

Creative Director

Motion Graphic & Video for Flooret
Matthew W.
New York
10+ Years
Graphic Design & Illustration, Content & Copywriting, Video Production


Scope of Work
Research & Analysis, Lo-fi Storyboard Development, Final Production Deck
Involved Creatives

Melissa M. | Rochester, NY | Branding, Motion, UX/UI

Fei Z. | Boston, MA | Graphic, UX/UI, Branding, Illustrations

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
1 Week