Marketing Collateral for Physician's Choice



Physician’s Choice wanted to develop a customer journey strategy to produce a product / collaterals that allows for influencers to create UGC to benefit Physician's Choice and disseminate info related to their newest product. We whipped up a full PR box design they could use, including informative post cards about the product and a digital deck that could act as a guide for content creation!

Creative Director

Marketing Collateral for Physician's Choice
Matthew W.
New York
10+ Years
Graphic Design & Illustration, Content & Copywriting, Video Production


Scope of Work
User Experience Strategy, Initial Box Development, Copywriting, Postcard Design, Digital Deck Design, Revisions, Packing Revisions, Final Revisions, Final Designs
Involved Creatives

Nicolle G. I Phoenix, AZ | Graphic Design, Illustration, Print, Digital, & Packaging

Megan O. | Los Angeles, CA | Copywriting

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
6 Weeks