Marketing Audit & Strategy for PUL



When you need a strategy that drives marketing and sales success, Designity’s marketing consultation services are the answer. Find answers to the questions that keep your CMO up at night while also discovering actionable insights for specific projects. PUL Tool was looking for fresh ideas that could propel their startup team beyond the product launch phase. They leveraged Designity’s platform to gain visibility into their competition and potential marketing channels. In the end, they have a months-long plan to take their digital marketing to a new level of ROI.

Creative Director

Marketing Audit & Strategy for PUL
Hannah C.
San Diego, CA
13 Years
Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Website Design


Scope of Work
Competitive Audit, Brand Audit, Website Audit, Content Audit, Paid Ads Audit, Social Media Audit, Marketing Audit & Strategy
Involved Creatives

Chelsea C. | Durham, ME | Branding Expert, Marketing, Strategy, SEO, Copywriting

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
3 Weeks