Marketing Audit & Strategy for Hearth & Home



Through a comprehensive marketing audit consultation, experienced a transformative journey that transcended traditional boundaries. Our dedicated exploration, expertly guided by Creative Director Simon, navigated the intricacies of Hearth & Home's brand identity, advertising effectiveness, and competitive landscape analysis. With Simon's visionary stewardship, we meticulously dissected every facet of Hearth & Home's digital presence, infusing each element with a touch of strategic innovation. This all-encompassing approach not only unveiled strategic focal points but also paved the way for imaginative refinements that will redefine Hearth & Home's trajectory in the market.

Creative Director

Marketing Audit & Strategy for Hearth & Home
Simon F.
10+ Years
Website Design, Graphic Design & Illustration, Digital Marketing


Scope of Work
Competitive Audit, Brand Audit, Website Audit, Content Audit, Paid Ads Audit, Social Media Audit, Marketing Audit & Strategy
Involved Creatives

Chelsea C. | Durham, ME | Branding Expert, Marketing, Strategy, SEO, Copywriting

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
3 Weeks