Marketing Audit & Strategy for Eyelit



Eyelit needed a comprehensive assessment where we delved into crucial facets of their online presence. Under the insightful guidance of Creative Director Angela, we meticulously examined their brand identity, advertising strategies, and competitor landscape, and conducted a thorough website audit. Our collaborative effort aimed to uncover invaluable insights and opportunities for Eyelit's growth. This holistic approach paved the way for strategic refinements and innovative enhancements that will undoubtedly shape Eyelit's trajectory in the market. Designity not only highlighted areas of optimization but also laid the foundation for a dynamic and impactful brand that resonates with Eyelit's target audience.

Creative Director

Marketing Audit & Strategy for Eyelit
Angela D.
North Carolina
10+ Years
Graphic Design & Illustration, Digital Marketing, Website Design


Scope of Work
Competitive Audit, Brand Audit, Website Audit, Content Audit, Paid Ads Audit, Social Media Audit, Marketing Audit & Strategy
Involved Creatives

Chelsea C. | Durham, ME | Branding Expert, Marketing, Strategy, SEO, Copywriting

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
3 Weeks