Marketing Audit & Strategy for Cyolo



In a transformative marketing audit engagement with Cyolo, our meticulous exploration encompassed vital dimensions of their digital presence. Guided by the leadership of Creative Director Sitara, we embarked on a comprehensive journey through Cyolo's brand essence, advertising efficacy, and competitive landscape, and conducted a comprehensive website audit. Our collaborative synergy aimed to unearth invaluable insights, illuminating pathways toward Cyolo's advancement. Sitara's astute direction ensured an exhaustive evaluation of Cyolo's online footprint, with a discerning focus on precision. This holistic approach not only identified strategic focal points but also paved the way for innovative refinements that are set to redefine Cyolo's market trajectory. Our partnership with Sitara and her adept team not only underscored optimization avenues but also laid a resilient foundation for a captivating and impactful website portfolio that resonates seamlessly with Cyolo's discerning audience.

Creative Director

Marketing Audit & Strategy for Cyolo
Sitara D.
16+ Years
Graphic Design, Website Design, Mobile App Design


Scope of Work
Competitive Audit, Brand Audit, Website Audit, Content Audit, Paid Ads Audit, Social Media Audit, Marketing Audit & Strategy
Involved Creatives

Chelsea C. | Durham, ME | Branding Expert, Marketing, Strategy, SEO, Copywriting

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
3 Weeks