Logo & Branding Design for Hope Health



With Hope Health looking to expand the scope of their brand, they needed a complete revamp of their branding, logo, tone, colors and all. We designed a whole new, intricate logo carefully designed to with keywords in mind to best fit their new established tone. We extended this new visual for their logo to our approach in designing new iconography in a variety of styles that merge simplicity with a deep connection to nature. We compiled all of these assets and put them together in a comprehensive manual designed to guide their marketing and design teams.

Creative Director

Logo & Branding Design for Hope Health
Ana R.
10+ Years
Graphic Design + Branding, Motion Graphics + Video, Website Design


Scope of Work
Logo Redesign, Brand Guideline, Iconography Style
Involved Creatives

Sarah G. | Ada, OK | Graphic Design

Adalyn L. | Milpitas, CA | UX/UI/Visual Design

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
2 Weeks