SEO & Content Marketing for PUL Technologies



As an up-and-coming brand in the dental industry, PUL needed a SEO & Content Marketing campaign that introduced its mission and clearly presented its essential clear aligner tools. With Hannah's direction, their team gathered confident, informative copy that speaks to consumers' challenges with clear aligner treatment and crafted appealing visuals that demonstrate how PUL's products work.

Creative Director

SEO & Content Marketing for PUL Technologies
Hannah C.
San Diego, CA
13 Years
Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Website Design


Scope of Work
Marketing Strategy, Buyer Personas, Campaign Strategy, Moodboards, Copywriting, Visual Ad Assets, Campaign Set-up and Launch, Campaign Monitoring and Optimization
Involved Creatives

Fei Z. | Boston | Graphic Design

Lianne A. | Boston | Copywriting  

Adam W. | Long Beach, CA | Marketing

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
9 Weeks