Website Design & Coding for Flooret



Flooret had a simple style guide, and a rough draft of a brand book with missing parts. Under Ruggero's creative direction, we unified the two into a clean and comprehensive brand book, creating new company assets such as iconography, a new letterhead, and an extended color palette. This booklet can be handed to any content creator, to help communicate a consistent message to Flooret's audience.

Creative Director

Website Design & Coding for Flooret
Ruggero V.
15+ Years
Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Video Production


Scope of Work
Current Website Analysis (Incl. UIUX Analysis), Competitive / Industry Research, Web Structure / Flow Creation, Lo-Fi Wireframe Design, Hi-Fi Wireframe Design Based On Existing Brand Guidelines, Interactive Prototype Creation, Website UI Element Design
Involved Creatives

Yolanda T. | New York | UXUI Designer

Natassja J. | Georgia | Website Design & Codinger

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
5 Weeks