SEO & Content Marketing for Venuelytics



Increasing the volume of SEO & Content Marketing campaigns isn't all that easy when creativity is missing. Luckily for Venuelytics, there was nothing an in-depth exploration of design couldn't accomplish. After rounds of mood boards and concept ideas, Alicia was able to lead the company to the perfect idea. The result was an exceptionally on-brand campaign designed to reach millions.

Creative Director

SEO & Content Marketing for Venuelytics
Alicia C.
New Hampshire
14 + Years
Entertainment, Hospitality, Finance, Healthcare, Consumer Goods & more


Scope of Work
Moodboards, Social Media Designs, Final & Working Files
Involved Creatives

Ashley P. | United States | Copywriting & Social Media Management

Jingting L. | California | Graphic Designer & UIUX Designer

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
1 Week