Social Media & Digital Ads for PEI Kids



PEI Kids heads the Council Against Youth Violence (CAYV) program. The program coordinates between local agencies in New Jersey to provide help to kids and teens exposed to physical violence, provide adult training, and a wealth of other services. Designity was asked to redesign old collateral and create a landing page. In the end we created a bold new mini-brand with fresh colors, inviting photos, and animated social posts for all partners of CAYV to use.

Creative Director

Social Media & Digital Ads for PEI Kids
Rae B.
20+ Years
Graphic Design, Video Production, Digital Advertising


Scope of Work
Landing Page, Web Badge, Brochure, Collateral, Copywriting, Social Media, Logo (Re)design
Involved Creatives

Megan O. | Los Angeles, CA | Copywriter

Kyle D. | Washington DC | Graphic Designer

Project Duration
1 Month