Account-Based Marketing for Tellius



Tellius is in the midst of a rebrand, aiming for a more modern look and improved integration of brand colors. With a focus on frequently visited topics, such as AI-generated insights in webinars for faster analysis, our redesign goal was to modernize and enhance the user reading experience without sacrificing vital information. We began our account-based marketing plan by transforming the E-book for increased engagement, optimized readability, and cohesive branding. This redesign extended to complementary collateral like whitepapers and digital ads, creating a lively brand that attracted attention from contemporary and larger corporations, setting it apart visually from competitors.

Creative Director

Account-Based Marketing for Tellius
Brian P.
10+ Years
Video Production, Graphic Design & Illustration, Website Design


Scope of Work
E-Book, Pitch Deck and White Paper Design
Involved Creatives

Nadia Z. | New York City, NY | UX Design, Graphic Design & Illustration

Fei Z. | Boston, MA | UX/UI, Product & Graphic Design

Aaliyah M. | Detroit, MI | Digital Marketing, Graphic & Web Design

Plan type
Plus Plan
Project Duration
2 Months