Account-Based Marketing Campaign for Envase



Envase, a drayage-focused SaaS maker, was expanding into the over-the-road portion of transportation logistics. They needed a targeted, low-cost marketing process to draw in the right audience at the right time. Designity employed a customized ABM approach by writing and designing a decision/comparison guide, blog posts, social media posts, paid advertisements, and email nurture campaigns. All told, it’s served to build awareness and conversions for the Tailwind TMS app by Envase, now owned by Wisetech global. OTR truckers never had it so good!

Creative Director

Account-Based Marketing Campaign for Envase
Simon F.
10+ Years
Website Design, Graphic Design & Illustration, Digital Marketing


Scope of Work
Email Design, Social Media Design, Copywriting, & Landing Page Design
Involved Creatives

Gillian H. | Merrick, NY | Copywriting

Anthony A. | Detroit, MI | Copywriting, Web Design, Graphic Design

Amanda G. | Austin, TX | Brand Designer

Nadia X. | New York, NY | Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding, Web Design, UX Design

Plan type
Premium Plan
Project Duration
2 Months