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Streamlining Healthcare Marketing Design

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Marketing in the healthcare tech industry isn’t easy. One major challenge faced by healthcare technology marketers is balancing the creativity and design that consumers expect with SaaS while staying within the clean boundaries of the healthcare industry.

The fast-paced and ever-evolving nature of the healthcare technology industry requires marketers to stay current with advancements and trends, while also maintaining a consistent brand image. 

This case study showcases the experience of Ben Morse, Product Specialist at AliHLTH, who provides insight into the company's journey with Designity and the impact that working with a new creative partner has had on their growth and positioning in the industry.

 From the onboarding process to the work produced, this case study highlights the key benefits and advantages of working with Designity.

Who is AliHLTH?

ALiHLTH is an innovative company that provides a solution for home healthcare workers, visiting nurses, and AL nurses who work in the senior care industry. 

They offer a system that helps reduce the stress and workload of healthcare professionals by allowing them to monitor their patients' health stats, safety, and well-being from anywhere. With the system's integration with the Alexa Home Hub, healthcare workers can communicate with their patients as if they were in the same room and keep track of their health status. 

The system also aims to empower seniors by allowing them to remain independent and connected. The company has created a virtual companion to improve mental health and provides streamlined workflows to communities, saving both time and money.

Too much on deck.

Example of AliHLTH's website design.

AliHLTH had tried to handle their in-house design projects themselves, but faced several challenges such as a lack of bandwidth to prioritize projects, limited graphic design experience, and limited experience in planning website design projects. 

When they decided that it was time to look into other creative avenues, they had some reservations. They were cautious about the service being worth the cost, whether their new creative team would understand and follow through with their vision, and whether that team would be able to meet the deadlines that they had in mind. 

A creative partner that ‘gets it’.

This is when they found Designity.  

They initially approached us to redesign their website, create a polished slide deck, and develop their brand identity.

The onboarding experience was initially a challenge because of all of the moving parts involved in their project. But Pooyan, their designated creative director, became a valuable resource for the AliHLTH team, helping to keep their expectations realistic, providing feedback, and keeping the project organized and on track.

With Pooyan’s expert direction and reliable creative advice, AliHLTH was able to bring multiple projects to the table and strategize them in the right way. They asked Pooyan and the team to redesign their website, create a polished slide deck, and develop a memorable brand identity.

A lasting impression.

Illustration of a creative team that gets it.

Designity's work has had a significant impact on AliHLTH's growth and positioning in the industry. With a fully redesigned website and high-quality marketing materials, AliHLTH has been able to establish a unique brand identity and communicate effectively with their clients.

Shifting the design and revision workload to Designity allowed AliHLTH to focus on refining their product and developing client relationships. The team at AliHLTH was impressed with the results and has been pleased with the flexibility and quality of Designity's work.

“Designity provides us with a voice of experience in the marketing and content creation space, as well as the talent to create beautiful graphics and curate the mood we are looking for in our content.”- Ben Morse, Product Specialist at AliHLTH

Looking to the future.

Moving forward, AliHLTH plans to continue working with Designity to refine and solidify their brand identity, create a social media presence, and develop a communication strategy with their potential and developing clients. 

They look forward to a bright and colorful partnership with Pooyan A. at the helm of their creative ship.

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The beginning of a fruitful relationship.

By partnering with Designity, AliHLTH was able to overcome their limitations in their design and marketing efforts, establish a unique brand identity, and communicate effectively with their clients.

Designity helped open their bandwidth so that their team could cultivate relationships with their clients, and focus on more urgent asks. 

What does the future look like for AliHLTH and Designity? According to Ben, it’s bright and promising.

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