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How Calico Care Boosted Their SEO to Dominate Search Rankings

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Timeline: 7 Weeks | Tools Used: Miro, Designity Timeline, Figma, Photoshop, Wix, Google Analytics | Milestones: Analytics Set up, Competition Analysis, Website Evaluation, SEO Tool Configuration, Keywords for H1, HTML Structure Optimization, CTA Optimization, Metatext Suggestions, Copy Suggestions, External Links, Backlink Strategies

Stats from Designity's collaboration with Calico Care. 29 deliverables, 1 creative, and 5/5 client satisfaction rate.

A Serious Visibility Problem

The only way a company can succeed is if its target audience knows that they exist.

This was the problem that Calico Care was facing; a plethora of obstacles that were keeping them from accomplishing their online visibility objectives and drawing organic traffic to their website.

Despite having a meticulously crafted website and providing extremely valuable products and services, they were still finding it difficult to secure the high search engine ranking they needed to generate steady organic traffic.

This scarcity of visibility was having an adverse effect on their brand recognition, customer acquisition, and general business expansion.

Something had to be done.

Enter Designity and CD Pooyan.

Who is Calico Care?

Screenshot of Calico Care's website, which was in need of SEO.

Calico Care is a startup that aims to change senior care through technology. 

They provide a comprehensive solution that combines health monitoring devices, activity sensors, and even Alexa devices to create a safe and empowering environment for seniors. 

With their advanced platform, not only can caregivers easily access important health and activity data, but families can stay connected and informed about their loved one’s well-being as well. This is because the platform imports data from various health devices, providing continuous access to patient health information for both caregivers and family members. 

The discrete activity sensors also allow caregivers to maintain awareness, with the dashboard continuously displaying health metrics and identifying areas of concern. With Alexa as a communication hub, caregivers can more easily handle care requests and provide much-needed companionship to their seniors in their care. 

Calico Care is dedicated to using its platform to make life easier for seniors, ensuring they are empowered and cared for 24/7.

The Solution: SEO Strategy and Implementation

To address Calico Care’s pain points and its online visibility issues, we proposed implementing a highly comprehensive SEO strategy to make their website function at the top of its game 

This strategy included conducting a detailed analysis of their competitors, evaluating their website for technical issues, and optimizing the HTML structures. 

By implementing these measures, our goal was to thoroughly optimize the client's website and ensure that it was aligned with both search engine algorithms and user expectations. 

The Secret Sauce: An Expert Creative Director

A photo of Pooyan, CD with Designity and manager of this SEO project.

Pooyan is a visionary leader who molds and bends shapes, colors, values, and space to evoke desired moods and vibes. 

Currently serving as a Senior Creative Director at Designity, his mission is to connect with clients, identify their company's needs, develop strategies, and bring concepts to life. He derives satisfaction from leading projects from inception to completion, inspiring new ideas, and assembling a team of creatives whom he mentors and collaborates with closely. 

Beyond accolades and career achievements, Pooyan continues to cherish his love for visual storytelling, all forms of art, and his desire to make an enduring mark on humanity's creative expression.

Phase 1: Initial Analysis

Before we could start optimizing Calico Care’s website, the first step was to set up analytics to track how it was performing.

Step 1: We installed Google Analytics and some other tools to help us keep track of their traffic, user behavior, and important metrics. 

It was exciting to finally have a compass to guide us through the sea of data and let us know what issues we needed to address!

Step 2: Next up came the crucial task of conducting a competitive analysis. 

We wanted to see what the best in the biz were doing and see what we could learn from them. 

We analyzed their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to help us come up with our own plan to get our website higher up in the search rankings.

Step 3: Then, armed with information from our research, we did a deep dive into their current website, looking for any technical issues that could be hurting their search engine ranking. 

We went over everything with a fine-toothed comb, checking out the website and URL structure, page speed, mobile responsiveness, and other critical factors to make sure everything was in tip-top shape.

Phase 2: The Right Tools

Once we had initial information, we decided the best course of action was to use a powerful SEO Tool.

We researched and tested advanced SEO tools to conduct an in-depth analysis of Calico Care’s website, including identifying the right keyword opportunities, analyzing backlinks, and evaluating the website's overall SEO performance.

A collection of tools used to optimize Calico Care's website for SEO.

Phase 3: Optimizing for SEO Success

Now that we knew what needed to be done, we optimized the website's H1 tags with relevant keywords to enhance its search engine visibility. Each keyword was strategically selected and thoughtfully placed to maximize the website's ranking potential.

Our focus then shifted to the optimization of the website's HTML structures, where we made careful changes to the page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and other relevant HTML elements. 

As we dove deeper into the optimization process, we recognized the importance of call-to-actions (CTAs) in driving user engagement and increasing conversion rates. 

To give the website an extra SEO boost, we analyzed its existing CTAs and made strategic adjustments to enhance their effectiveness, carefully crafting them in order to entice and guide users towards desired actions to achieve a more compelling and effective user experience.

Our research also made us aware that the meta text was a critical component of the website's overall search engine performance. To further optimize the Calico Care website, we provided insightful recommendations for improving its metatext, aiming to make the content more compelling, engaging, and relevant, to ensure that it captured the attention of both human users and search engine algorithms.

We also sought pertinent websites and sources to establish external links to enhance Calico Care’s search engine ranking and generate organic traffic

By forging relationships with reputable external sources, we reinforced the website's authority and credibility, ultimately amplifying its visibility and appeal to a broader audience.

Finally, we offered valuable copy suggestions to enhance the website's content and make it more informative, engaging, and thoroughly optimized for search engines. 

By focusing on each of these individual elements, we ended up with a website that was not only visually appealing but also highly optimized for search engines.

Updated graphics for healthcare company.

The Results: A Website That Tops the Lists

After the project was finalized, we handed over several important deliverables to our client: 

  1. A comprehensive report delving into the research and analysis we conducted. This report contained all the critical findings that were uncovered during the project.

  1. Our best recommendations on how to improve the website's search engine visibility, such as identifying key areas where the website was lacking and suggestions on how to optimize these aspects for better visibility. 

  1. A list of relevant keywords that could be used to optimize the website's content and HTML elements.

  1. Suggestions on how to optimize the website's CTAs, meta-text, and copy to ensure that the website's messaging was clear and concise and that visitors were guided to take the desired action. 

  1. A list of relevant external sources for building backlinks to the website to help boost the website's online reputation and increase its search engine rankings.

Calico Care took our findings and recommendations to heart and soon after implementing our strategies, they saw significant improvement in search engine rankings, a boost in their organic traffic, and a noticeable increase in user engagement.

All of this translates into greater online visibility and business growth for them, proving that our SEO project was definitely a worthwhile project to invest in.

It doesn’t end here, though. 

Now that Designity has helped Calico Care optimize its website, we are still consistently monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of our SEO strategy to ensure that any necessary adjustments and optimizations are made in a timely manner and that our client continues to meet their goals and see success.

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