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Redesigning Security

Standing out and building a memorable brand in the cybersecurity industry isn’t an easy thing to do. Most SaaS companies are challenged with being unique enough to avoid blending into the quilt of competitors, but not so outside of the box that prospects don’t recognize what they do.

For Danielle Kershner, Director of Brand Marketing and Communications at FortifyData, building a memorable brand was top priority. After working with several freelancers, she decided that it was time to try something a little bit more reliable. 

That’s when they met Designity. 

About FortifyData

FortifyData is a risk management platform for financial services, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, and technology companies. 

Their technology provides an integrated view of cybersecurity risks across thousands of data points by using a unique machine learning algorithm to analyze live data. 

Their platform helps companies assess and identify security vulnerabilities associated with internal teams, third-parties, internal processes, and tech integrations. 

An unreliable marketplace.

FortifyData web redesign project.

Danielle approached us to help them build out their brand assets and external branding. 

In the past, Danielle had worked primarily with freelance creatives for their marketing and design projects, but she would find that freelancers would transition to full-time roles too often to make working with them a reliable option long-term. 

At first, she was concerned about the shift from working with freelancers to working with Designity. Danielle was worried about having an agency overhead and that having too many people involved would affect their timelines and muddle the process. 

Working with Designity

At onboarding, FortifyData was assigned a designated creative director who was matched with them based on their needs. 

Instead of the muddled project process that Danielle imagined, her creative director was her only point of contact. The only people who were involved in the projects were the people that the creative director assigned from our vetted pool of creatives.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that, although Designity is like an agency in many ways, we combine the best parts of working with freelancers, creative agencies, and in-house teams, but leave out the downsides like too many people and high overhead costs. 

The project.

FortifyData branding project.

Ideally, brands should aim for a brand refresh and website redesign every five years or so. SaaS and cybersecurity companies are no exception.

One of their most pressing projects was to redesign their website and brand aesthetic to enhance their visual identity and help them stand out in a saturated market. The goal was to increase their visibility and appeal to new B2B clients. 

Under the creative direction of Christian S. and Susan P., we gave them the interchangeable creative team that they needed to design a brand aesthetic that better represents them and their clients.

From mood-boarding, concepts, Lo-Fi/Hi-Fi wireframing, to UI and UX design, Designity carved a memorable brand that showcases their best attributes in a way that speaks to their target audience.

Building brand consistency.

Redesigning a website and refreshing a brand is not an easy task, especially in the SaaS industry. With Danielle’s trust, and the direction provided from our creative team, FortifyData was able to maintain brand consistency and visually grow their brand.

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