Case Study > Improving Healthcare Marketing: Mimio Health Case Study

Improving Healthcare Marketing: Mimio Health Case Study

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Timeline: 5 ½ Weeks | Tools Used: Miro, Designity Timeline, Photoshop, Illustrator | Techniques Used: Competitive/Comparative Analysis, Style Finding, Copywriting, Segmentation, Concepting, Resizing Ad Concepts for Delivery

The Problem: How Do You Advertise a New Healthcare Product?

Especially a healthcare product that hasn’t been advertised before.

It was a question CD Catherine and team had to ask themselves when thinking out advertisements for Mimio’s launch.

As a totally new product, there was nothing on the existing market to compare it with, providing Designity with the opportunity to put our people and processes to good use to shape Mimio’s narrative and unique visual identity.

Not a problem. 

What Mimio needed was to package its consumer brand into advertisements for a variety of major publications, and to also be used for social media and A/B testing, as well as pay-per-click (PPC) and retargeting campaigns. 

Since Mimio was a newcomer in the market and had not yet been publicly showcased in advertising, this necessitated that these ad sets serve equally as an introduction to the product, an active sales tool, and an audience testing ground.

About the Mimio Health: Biotech Nutraceuticals

Ads for Mimio Health, a biotech nutraceuticals company.

Mimio Health is a biotechnology nutraceutical company dedicated to the research and production of the world's first fasting mimetic supplement. 

The Mimio daily supplement was designed from clinical research to replicate the cellular health benefits and lifespan-promoting effects of fasting without the need to actually fast. Their patent-pending formulation uses a rigorously selected combination of the same bioactive human metabolites that induce a regenerative "bio-program." 

The Solution: Comprehensive Ad Set Design

Rather than operate from a need-basis of tackling one ad set as need arises, it was decided to ideate six separate sets of ad campaigns. Each set would be targeted to different audiences with variable messaging and visuals that would appeal most to that audience. 

This would allow Mimio to have ample creative to test while also having advertising creative ready for any opportunity that might arise.

The Secret Sauce: An Expert Creative Director

Creative Director, Catherine F.

Catherine Foster is a Chicago-based Creative Director obsessed with the idea that well-designed brand experiences can inspire the human soul and resolve a need. She works hand-in-hand with her clients distilling their goals into concrete creative projects that will build their brand authority and equity. 

As a team leader, she knows the best creative work happens when her creatives are free to bring their whole selves to their work. She’s never met a software she didn’t love and is always the first to try something new. When she’s not designing for her clients, she’s likely designing for the many philanthropic pursuits she’s engaged with.

Phase 1: Ad Landscape Review

Before any design work takes place, CD Catherine always reviews the landscape for where the creative will live. 

In this case, this step involved reviewing the existing advertising of major and minor players in the healthspan and longevity space. This review is highly collaborative and done with the client to ensure true understanding. 

It included the following three core steps:

  1. Ad Collection: Catherine and the client brought together more than 70 samples of existing advertisements and placed them in a collaborative Miro board.
  2. Bucketing: Through a facilitated discussion, the client placed ads into a ‘Not a Fan’ and ‘Like These’ bucket. Anything leftover was placed into a ‘Maybe?’ bucket.
  3. The Why: By reviewing and discussing what was placed into each bucket and why, the creative direction for the project was set. It was just about applying these ‘Why’ principles to the Mimio brand in ad format.

Phase 2: Preliminary Ad Concepts

Catherine briefed Senior Creative Nicolle on the account with all of the discovery details from the ad landscape review. 

Once briefed, Nicolle was then able to put together two options for each segment outlined in the brief. These preliminary concepts were refined during an internal review to ensure brand application consistency across the other ongoing design projects.

Mimio preliminary ad concept wireframe.

After internal review, the set concepts were shown to the client in two sizes. 

These two sizes present the most visually captivating size (1080x1920 for full mobile screen) and a visually limited size (728x90 for PPC). Each set was presented in context with its segment and unique strategy.

Phase 3: Revised Ad Concepts

After thorough client review and discussion, five of the 10 concepts were selected for further refinement and concepting. The revised concepts used a more definitive visual strategy focusing in on key design details and copy.

Refined ad sets for Mimio Health.

Phase 4: Ad Set Build Out

Throughout each phase, it was decided that an additional segment should be optimized for and was added into one of the final selected directions as a 6th set. Designer Nicolle then implemented the selected concepts and client-requested refinements into a comprehensive list of social and PPC design sizes — a total of 79 individually optimized graphics.

The Results: Increased ROI From an Advertising Arsenal

Mimio ad increased ROI from new creative.

The ad sets were immediately deployed into a Meta A/B test on color, into paid placement on Men's Journal and Vogue, and tucked away for any future ad needs.

By having a bank of great-looking ad sets to pull from for any segment of Mimio’s audience, they are able to be reactive and unburdened by creative deadlines and able to execute on advertising opportunities without a second thought.

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