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Building Immunity Against Other Solutions

The world of food intolerances and allergies seems far away from the world of design. While the topic isn’t the most exciting for consumers living with such health conditions, excitement was most definitely a part of Immuno Laboratory’s journey with Designity. 

Captivating years in business and reimagining a new brand experience that consumers of the company can enjoy is just one priority. Whether it was a more engaging website or a more enticing email campaign, Immuno Labs found itself in the right hands to communicate its mission. 

Finding Designity though wasn’t an easy ride, oftentimes leaving the company to make ends meet with traditional options such as building an in-house team. That didn’t stop the company from adventuring into a new solution, building immunity against such traditional options and the challenges they bring.

About the Company 

Immuno Labs is widely recognized as one of the leading food and environmental allergy testing facilities in the world. With over 48 million sensitivity tests conducted since its founding and 97% of its physicians testing for over ten years, it’s clear that both physicians and patients trust the household name. 

The company’s goal is to provide people with affordable blood tests to help uncover food intolerances or hidden allergies. Identifying such sensitivities is believed to uncover what could be the cause(s) of a variety of chronic health conditions such as arthritis, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. 

Testers simply provide the company with a blood sample and within 48-72 hours are delivered comprehensive test results with the next supporting steps to start their ideal diet.

A Growing Intolerance for the Past

When it comes to the health and wellness industry, encompassing a respective and reputable brand is necessary for success. And after 40+ years in business, it becomes harder to rebrand and reinvent. COO, Boone Zavik, sought to find a solution that would carry the brand through a series of major changes, only to meet significant challenges along the way. 

“If you have a project that requires multiple skillsets, then you need to build out a team of individuals and get them to coordinate together. Oftentimes, this means juggling time zones, cultures, and accountability between the newly founded team. It can be challenging.” – Boone Zavik, COO at Immuno Labs

These challenges are commonly found with traditional solutions like freelance marketplaces, creative agencies, and in-house teams, all of which Boone has tried in the past. One particular conflict found across all experiences was limitations in skill sets. 

Finding multi-skilled creatives was common in marketplaces, however, Boone soon found that it was also a challenge when hiring internally. “Marketing has a lot of facets and most times one person will not be a great artistic designer and strategic marketer, nor skilled in online marketing or content writing,” he shares. 

While this certainly put a halt on the major projects in their queue, it wasn’t the only concern. Full-time employees required full-time benefits and so on. The expenses incurred from building in-house teams were far more of a dilemma than it was a solution.

A Break of the Status Quo 

Like many client reactions, Designity’s solutions seem almost too good to be true. Combating the industry’s high costs and unreasonable terms, the model was built to provide marketing teams with the creative partner they seek to make ends meet. 

Whether it was the month-to-month subscription or the retainer-free, flexible pricing, Boone was sold on the long-term solution. Without having to wait to see results, the Immuno Labs team experienced the value soon after onboarding.

“I respect businesses that break away from rigid rule sets and bureaucracy and choose to find a way to work with their clients,” says Boone. After years of testing various means of accessing five-star creativity, Designity was proven to be the perfect fit to begin its rebranding journey.  

Compatibility as the Priority

Picking up the creative work of a longtime brand is no easy task for any creative director. Luckily, Immuno Labs came prepared with a brand book, making the onboarding process and experience a breeze. Creative Director, Collins B. was selected as the brand’s most compatible point of contact, working closely with Boone on design and marketing projects. 

“It’s nice to have the front communication person be a creative director because they can interpret your ideas and help you develop them while ensuring they’re properly explained to the team,” shares Boone. 

This was particularly important to the COO who had been communicating directly with team members in the past, often meeting tight deadlines and conflicts in creative interpretation. 

While seemingly an insignificant perk, communication amongst creative teams is one of the top challenges faced by clients. In Boone’s experience, internal hires often like to be directed, rather than direct and input their creative expertise. 

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“When working through a creative director, their experience helps guide you towards what will work best instead of just doing what you say,” says Boone, who appreciated the one-on-one communication channel. A healthy creative relationship is one that’s respectful and well-received on both ends.

With excellent pushback and meaningful discussion, it was clear that Collins’s goals were one with that of Immuno Labs. 40+ years in business was no issue for Collins, who knew exactly how to approach every project the company was looking to execute.

From a new website to business collateral to even new packaging, it was important that their creative director had an idea of where to start. This was especially true for the company’s largest project, a 120+ page website. Luckily, the meaningful mission behind Immuno Labs made Collins’s experience all that much more enjoyable, aiding in the collaboration.

“My favorite part of working with Boone was learning about all of the people they have helped through their product,” shares Collins. And with the touch of a little expertise in longtime clients, it was the perfect match.

Brochure sample completed for ImmunoLabs.
Sample of ImmunoLabs brochure.

40+ Years Worth of Creativity

Working under a more affordable and reliable solution comes with a set of perks. Aside from satisfying the company’s stakeholders, Immuno Labs found other pros to working with Designity along the way. 

With the help of their new efficient team, Boone shares that Designity helps them to be “more agile in quickly getting things out the door.” In addition, 40+ years in business were more evident in each and every project, unifying the brand’s identity and placement in the marketplace. 

As with Immuno Labs, companies are often missing out on a solution to take their creative department to the next level. After trying numerous options and experiencing the value of Designity, opportunities like pushing out more content are possible.

“It’s much easier because I’m no longer split between multiple things but instead leveraging work to Designity and the creative director to follow through,” explains Boone. 

With a complete website soon on the way, the company expects to see tremendous quantifiable results thanks to its brand’s new look. However, the projects don’t end here. After a wholesome experience, Boone and his team wish to explore what else Designity might be able to take off their plate and then some.

Disclaimer: Because we prioritize the privacy and security of our clients, some information or visuals may be missing from this case study.

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