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Through our collaborative model our creative directors understand your need, set a tangable agenda, assign a verified U.S based designers from our pool, and supervise them for quality assurance.

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Local emerging designers looking to gain experience.
Local senior designers with +3 years experience.
Local professional designers with +5 years experience.
Local creative directors with +10 years experience.
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Brand Guide Design
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Brand strategy consulting

Our creative directors discuss your business and study your competition to create a unique branding strategy that makes you stand out.

Custom logo design

Our local verified designers create a variety of different logos to provide you with different ideas before they fully execute on the design.

Content writing support

As a one-stop-shop, we can also help you with writing creative content for your naming or slogan to describe your message in a simple way.

Brand guideline creation

Our talents create you a custom brand style to present the color, font, imagery and all the other details about your brand.

Own copyright & source files

You own the source files and copyrights after your project is done. We also give you all the revisions.

NDA available

All of our designers and creative directors are able to sign any standard NDA to protect you and your service.

Two pricing solutions for your logo and branding

Per project model for one off project or monthly subscription for multiple projects

Logo Redesign
Up to 3 custom design concepts - Your colors and fonts will be used to recreate your logo mark.
From $500 - See Pricing
Logo & Brand Identity
Up to 3 custom design concepts - include all the vector source files, as well as a comprehensive brand guideline to define your company font, color and brand style. From $1,000 - See Pricing
Brand Guide Design
Includes A comprehensive brand guideline to define your company font, color and brand style.
From $700 - See Pricing
Stationery Design
Includes all the vector source files with your letterhead, business card, and social media cover.
From $700 - See Pricing

Monthly Plan - No Long Term Commitment

Starting$1,995Per Month
  • Unlimited Design Requests
  • Unlimited Revision Requests
  • Unlimited Video Meetings
  • Unlimited Stock Photos/videos

Creative Director Of the month

Sabrina Barca, New York

A highly multidisciplinary professional who understands the fundamentals of media and strives to make original things. Well versed in conceptual thinking, Sabrina loves collaborating with diverse people to create brand-defining concepts that work in digital and traditional mediums. Her deep desire is to create content with an impact and resonance in large audiences.

Common Questions

Why choose Designity over marketplaces (Upwork, Fivver, 99Designs), an agency, or a freelancer?
Designity is the first collaborative platform with 6500 verified U.S. based local designers across different states. All the designers in our platform complete projects under our creative director supervision for quality assurance.
What does the creative director do for my project?
To make sure you get a quality design we assign a dedicated creative director to each project for quality assurance. The creative director schedule phone/video calls with you and your designer to discuss ideas and manage your entire project.
What if I need help with copywriting?
No problem! We have many copywriters in our network who are specialized in different areas of copywriting. You need to pay an additional $295 to get access to one of our copywriters who can help you with unlimited copywriting request.
Who owns the copyright ownership?
You! After we complete the project we sign over full ownership to you and deliver you the source files free of charge.